path: root/http-fetch.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-01-10Don't die in git-http-fetch when fetching packs.Shawn O. Pearce
2007-01-08short i/o: fix calls to write to use xwrite or write_in_fullAndy Whitcroft
2007-01-08short i/o: fix calls to read to use xread or read_in_fullAndy Whitcroft
2006-10-09Add WEBDAV timeout to http-fetch.Junio C Hamano
2006-09-16Add ftp:// protocol support for git-http-fetchJunio C Hamano
2006-09-16http-fetch.c: consolidate code to detect missing fetch targetJunio C Hamano
2006-09-13http-fetch: fix alternates handling.Junio C Hamano
2006-09-02Replace uses of strdup with xstrdup.Shawn Pearce
2006-08-28free(NULL) is perfectly valid.Junio C Hamano
2006-08-23Convert memcpy(a,b,20) to hashcpy(a,b).Shawn Pearce
2006-08-17Do not use memcmp(sha1_1, sha1_2, 20) with hardcoded length.David Rientjes
2006-08-16remove unnecessary initializationsDavid Rientjes
2006-08-11drop length argument of has_extensionRene Scharfe
2006-08-10Add has_extension()Rene Scharfe
2006-08-05commit walkers: setup_ident() to record correct committer in ref-log.Ramsay Jones
2006-07-28Teach git-http-fetch the --stdin switchPetr Baudis
2006-07-28Make pull() support fetching multiple targets at oncePetr Baudis
2006-07-28Make pull() take some implicit data as explicit argumentsPetr Baudis
2006-07-27Remove -d from *-fetch usage stringsPetr Baudis
2006-07-10Avoid C99 comments, use old-style C comments instead.Pavel Roskin
2006-06-25Rename safe_strncpy() to strlcpy().Peter Eriksen
2006-06-20Remove all void-pointer arithmetic.Florian Forster
2006-06-19Remove ranges from switch statements.Florian Forster
2006-06-17Implement safe_strncpy() as strlcpy() and use it more.Peter Eriksen
2006-06-07http-fetch: fix possible segfaultNick Hengeveld
2006-06-04Merge branch 'sp/reflog'Junio C Hamano
2006-05-23Remove possible segfault in http-fetch.Sean
2006-05-19Log ref updates made by fetch.Shawn Pearce
2006-04-11Replace index() with strchr().Dennis Stosberg
2006-04-05http-fetch: add optional DAV-based pack listNick Hengeveld
2006-03-20http-fetch: nicer warning for a server with unreliable 404 statusJunio C Hamano
2006-03-15Fix broken slot reuse when fetching alternatesNick Hengeveld
2006-02-23Give no terminating LF to error() function.Junio C Hamano
2006-02-07http-fetch: Abort requests for objects which arrived in packsMark Wooding
2006-02-06http-fetch: Tidy control flow in process_alternate_responseMark Wooding
2006-02-06http-fetch: Fix message reporting rename of object file.Mark Wooding
2006-02-06http-fetch: Fix object list corruption in fill_active_slots().Mark Wooding
2006-02-03whitespace cleanup.Junio C Hamano
2006-02-01Use local structs for HTTP slot callback dataNick Hengeveld
2006-02-01Fix HTTP request result processing after slot reuseNick Hengeveld
2005-12-22Fix for http-fetch from file:// URLsNick Hengeveld
2005-12-21http-fetch.c: fix objects/info/pack parsing.Junio C Hamano
2005-11-29Make networking commands to work from a subdirectory.Junio C Hamano
2005-11-20Improve pack list response handlingNick Hengeveld
2005-11-20Make http-fetch request types more clearNick Hengeveld
2005-11-20Isolate shared HTTP request functionalityNick Hengeveld
2005-11-15Fix bunch of fd leaks in http-fetchPetr Baudis
2005-11-13Fix fd leak in http-fetchNick Hengeveld
2005-11-13Fix for multiple alternates requests in http-fetchNick Hengeveld
2005-11-12Show URL in the "Getting <foo> list" http-fetch messagesPetr Baudis