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2006-09-04gitweb: Divide page path into directories -- path's "breadcrumbs"Jakub Narebski
2006-09-04gitweb: Correct typo: '==' instead of 'eq' in git_difftree_bodyJakub Narebski
2006-09-04gitweb: Add GIT favicon, assuming image/png typeJakub Narebski
2006-09-03gitweb: Change the name of diff to parent link in "commit" view to "diffJakub Narebski
2006-09-01gitweb: Fix git_blameAneesh Kumar K.V
2006-08-31gitweb: Extend parse_difftree_raw_line to save commit infoJakub Narebski
2006-08-31gitweb: Separate printing of git_tree row into git_print_tree_entryJakub Narebski
2006-08-31gitweb: Move git-ls-tree output parsing to parse_ls_tree_lineJakub Narebski
2006-08-31use do() instead of require() to include configurationDennis Stosberg
2006-08-31gitweb: Remove forgotten call to git_to_hashDennis Stosberg
2006-08-28gitweb: Add local time and timezone to git_print_authorshipJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: Add diff tree, with links to patches, to commitdiff viewJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: git_print_log: signoff line is non-empty lineJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: Add author information to commitdiff viewJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: Do not remove signoff lines in git_print_simplified_logJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: Make git_print_log generic; git_print_simplified_log uses itJakub Narebski
2006-08-28gitweb: Use --git-dir parameter instead of setting $ENV{'GIT_DIR'}Dennis Stosberg
2006-08-27gitweb: Use @diff_opts, default ('M'), as git-diff and git-diff-tree parameteJakub Narebski
2006-08-27gitweb: Remove git_to_hash functionJakub Narebski
2006-08-27gitweb: Remove unused git_get_{preceding,following}_referencesJakub Narebski
2006-08-27gitweb: Fix typo in git_patchset_bodyJakub Narebski
2006-08-27gitweb: Fix typo in git_difftree_bodyJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: blobs defined by non-textual hash ids can be cachedJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Improve comments about gitweb features configurationJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Remove workaround for git-diff bug fixed in f82cd3cJakub Narebski
2006-08-26Merge branch 'master' into gl/webJunio C Hamano
2006-08-26gitweb: git_annotate didn't expect negative numeric timezoneJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Remove creating directory for temporary filesJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Remove git_diff_print subroutineJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: git_blobdiff_plain is git_blobdiff('plain')Jakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Use git-diff-tree or git-diff patch output for blobdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Change here-doc back for style consistency in git_blobdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Always display link to blobdiff_plain in git_blobdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Add invisible hyperlink to from-file/to-file diff headerJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Parse two-line from-file/to-file diff header in git_patchset_bodyJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Allow for pre-parsed difftree info in git_patchset_bodyJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Add support for hash_parent_base parameter for blobdiffsJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Use git_get_name_rev_tags for commitdiff_plain X-Git-Tag: headerJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Add git_get_rev_name_tags functionJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Faster return from git_get_preceding_references if possibleJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Add git_get_{following,preceding}_references functionsJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Streamify patch output in git_commitdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Remove invalid comment in format_diff_lineJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Show information about incomplete lines in commitdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-26gitweb: Use git-diff-tree patch output for commitdiffJakub Narebski
2006-08-22gitweb: Sort CGI parameters returned by href()Jakub Narebski
2006-08-22gitweb: Drop the href() params which keys are not in %mappingJakub Narebski
2006-08-22gitweb: Use here-docJakub Narebski
2006-08-22gitweb: Route rest of action subroutines through %actionsJakub Narebski
2006-08-22gitweb: Use underscore instead of hyphen to separate words in HTTP headers namesJakub Narebski