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2005-08-19Display the contents of a tag when the user clicks on it.Paul Mackerras
This just displays the result of git-cat-file on the tag in the details pane. If the tag is a "direct" tag (the tag file contains the SHA1 ID of a commit rather than a tag), we show the tag name and SHA1 ID.
2005-08-19Added re-read refs command, and display all refs.Paul Mackerras
These are features requested by Junio. Any plain file under .git/refs whose contents start with 40 hex characters is taken as a reference and displayed like a head but with a light blue background (unless it is in .git/refs/tags or .git/refs/heads, in which case it is displayed as before). There is now a "Reread references" menu item in the File menu which re-reads all the plain files under .git/refs and redisplays any references that have changed.
2005-08-19Save the maxwidth setting in the ~/.gitk file.Paul Mackerras
2005-08-19Fix a bug where commits with no children weren't marked as on-screen.Paul Mackerras
This problem was revealed by running gitk --all on Wolfgang Denk's u-boot repository.
2005-08-18Use the --parents flag to git-rev-list.Paul Mackerras
With --parents, git-rev-list gives us the list of parents on the first line of each commit. We use that rather than looking for the parent: lines in the commit body, since this way we get to know about the grafts for free.
2005-08-17Allow graph lines to jump through hyperspace.Paul Mackerras
When the graph gets too wide (as defined by the maxwidth variable, which can be set in ~/.gitk), we can now terminate graph lines with an arrow pointing downwards, and reintroduce them later with an arrow pointing upwards when we need them. This makes the graph much less cluttered on large repositories such as the linux kernel. Unfortunately this has made it slower; it takes about 10 seconds user time on the linux-2.6 repository on my machine now, compared to 6 seconds before. I'll have to work on optimizing that. Also on the todo list are making the arrow heads active (so if you click on them you jump to the other end) and improving the placement of the null entry.
2005-08-17Add graft support.Paul Mackerras
We read .git/info/grafts and use the information in there to override the list of parents we get from git-rev-list or git-cat-file.
2005-08-10Refine the update heuristic to improve responsiveness a bit.Paul Mackerras
The previous commit improved performance a lot but also meant that we waited longer to see something drawn. This refines the heuristics for when to call update so that (1) when we have finished processing a bufferfull of information from git-rev-list, we call update if enough time has elapsed, regardless of how many commits we've drawn, and (2) the number of commits drawn between updates scales with the total number of commits drawn: 1 for 1-99 commits, 10 for 100-9999 commits, or 100 for >= 10000 commits.
2005-08-10Only do an update every 100 commits when drawing the graph.Paul Mackerras
On a large repository with > 60,000 commits, each call to the Tk update primitive (which gives Tk a chance to respond to events and redraw the screen) was taking up to 0.2 seconds. Because the logic was to call update after drawing a commit if 0.1 seconds had passed since the last update call, we were calling it for every commit, which was slowing us down enormously. Now we also require that we have drawn 100 commits since the last update (as well as it being at least 0.1 seconds since the last update). Drawing 100 commits takes around 0.1 - 0.2 seconds (even in this large repo) on my G5.
2005-08-09[PATCH] "Child" information in commit window - and cleanupsLinus Torvalds
This adds "Child: " lines to the commit window, which tells what children a commit has. It also cleans things up: it marks the text widget as no-wrap, which means that it doesn't need to truncate the commit description arbitrarily by hand. Also, the description itself is now done by a common helper routine that handles both the parent and the children. Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2005-08-07Better graph line details display and expand history coverage.Paul Mackerras
Now the history remembers when we have clicked on a graph line and when we have asked for a diff between two commits, as well as when we have displayed a commit. The display when you click on a graph line now uses clickable SHA1 IDs instead of the embedded "Go" buttons. Also made the IDs clickable in the header for a diff between two commits.
2005-08-07[PATCH] gitk "parent information" in commit windowLinus Torvalds
This adds a useful "Parent:" line to the git commit information window. It looks something like this (from the infamous octopus merge): Author: Junio C Hamano <> 2005-05-05 16:16:54 Committer: Junio C Hamano <> 2005-05-05 16:16:54 Parent: fc54a9c30ccad3fde5890d2c0ca2e2acc0848fbc (Update git-apply-patch-script ...) Parent: 9e30dd7c0ecc9f10372f31539d0122db97418353 (Make git-prune-script executa ...) Parent: c4b83e618f1df7d8ecc9392fa40e5bebccbe6b5a (Do not write out new index if ...) Parent: 660265909fc178581ef327076716dfd3550e6e7b (diff-cache shows differences ...) Parent: b28858bf65d4fd6d8bb070865518ec43817fe7f3 (Update diff engine for symlin ...) Octopus merge of the following five patches. Update git-apply-patch-script for symbolic links. Make git-prune-script executable again. Do not write out new index if nothing has changed. diff-cache shows differences for unmerged paths without --cache. Update diff engine for symlinks stored in the cache. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <> where all the parent commit ID's are clickable, because the new lines are added as part of the "comment" string, and thus the regular clickability thing will match them automatically. I think this is good. And my random-tcl-monkey-skills are clearly getting better (although it's perfectly possible that somebody who actually knows what he is doing would have done things differently). Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2005-08-07Use lf translation rather than binary when reading commit data.Paul Mackerras
The effect of this is that it allows Tcl to do the locale-specific conversion of the input data to its internal unicode representation. That means that commit messages in Russian or other languages should be displayed correctly now (according to the locale that is in effect.)
2005-08-07Change cursor to a hand cursor when over a SHA1 ID link.Paul Mackerras
This is based on suggestions by Jeff Epler and Linus Torvalds, but extended so that we do the switching between the watch cursor and the normal cursor correctly as well. Also fixed a bug pointed out by Junio Hamano - I wasn't incrementing the link number (duh!).
2005-08-06Add forward and back buttons and make SHA1 IDs clickable links.Paul Mackerras
When we display the commit message in the details pane, any string of 40 [0-9a-f] characters that corresponds to a SHA1 ID that we know about gets turned into a clickable link, and displayed in blue and underlined. We now keep a history of commits that we have looked at, and we have forward and back buttons for moving within the history list.
2005-08-04Compress the graph horizontally if it gets too wide.Paul Mackerras
If the graph gets to use more than a certain percentage (default 50%) of the width of the top-left pane, we now reduce the amount of space allowed for each graph line. This means it doesn't look quite as nice but you can still see the headline for the commit. (Currently the only way to customize the percentage is to edit your ~/.gitk file manually.)
2005-07-31Fix some bugs causing application error popups.Paul Mackerras
Specifically this should fix the following errors: wrong # args: should be "startdiff ids" (fix from Junio Hamano) can't read "filelines(....)": no such element in array can't unset "treepending": no such variable
2005-07-29Improve the merge display when the result differs from all parents.Paul Mackerras
Now we see if the result is quite similar to one of the parents, and if it is, display the result as a diff from that parent. If the result is similar to more than one parent, pick the one that it's most similar to.
2005-07-28[PATCH] gitk: Use GIT_DIR where appropriate.Junio C Hamano
Some places assumed .git is the GIT_DIR, resulting heads and tags not showing when it was run like "GIT_DIR=. gitk --all". This is not a contrived example --- I rely on it to verify my private copy of git.git repository before pushing it out. Define a single procedure "gitdir" and use it. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2005-07-28Import the --topo-order change and fix the writing of ~/.gitk.Paul Mackerras
2005-07-28Display the diffs for a merge in a unified fashion.Paul Mackerras
Stuff that ended up in the result is shown in bold with a "+" at the beginning of the line; stuff that didn't is in the normal font with a "-" at the beginning of the line. The color shows which parent the stuff was in; red for the first parent, blue for the second, then green, purple, brown, and the rest are grey. If the result is different from all of the parents it is shown in black (and bold).
2005-07-20Handle the rename cases reported by git-diff-tree -C correctly.Paul Mackerras
2005-07-20Calculate the list of interesting files for a merge.Paul Mackerras
If there is a GCA for the parents of the merge, then a file is interesting if some parent has a version that is different from both the child and the GCA. If there is no GCA (e.g. for a merge that pulls in an external project) then a file is interesting if the child's version is different from all of the parents. Next step is to actually show the differences for the interesting files...
2005-07-18Make the diff display less gaudy.Paul Mackerras
The old style is still available as an option (we still need a preferences window so we can set/clear it though).
2005-07-18Allow short SHA1 IDs in the SHA1 entry field.Paul Mackerras
2005-07-17Fix display of mode changes in details pane.Paul Mackerras
Also simplified the parsing of the git-diff-tree -p output and got rid of the unused 'seenfile' variable.
2005-07-17First cut at displaying the diffs for a merge.Paul Mackerras
We display the files where the child differs from the first parent first in black in the file list window, followed by the second parent in blue, and so on using different colors for each parent (provided you don't have more than 6 parents; if you do we cycle around).
2005-07-17Make searching in files changed faster, and fix some bugs.Paul Mackerras
We now kick off a single git-diff-tree -r --stdin and feed it all the commit pairs we want to know about, instead of doing a separate git-diff-tree invocation for each.
2005-07-16Add "Files" and "Pickaxe" to the find menu.Paul Mackerras
"Files" matches the find string against each of the files modified by each commit, and can do exact, case-ignoring or regexp matching. "Pickaxe" uses git-diff-tree -S'string' and can only do exact matching. I called it "pickaxe" rather than "find within patch" since it only finds commits where the string is present in the child but not the parents or vice versa, and "pickaxe" is what the author of that feature calls it.
2005-06-28Add a menu item for writing out a commit to a file.Paul Mackerras
This just invokes git-diff-tree. Also changed the readonly entry widgets in the "write patch" and "generate tag" windows to have flat relief, so it doesn't look like you should be able to modify what's in them.
2005-06-27Add a menu item for creating tags.Paul Mackerras
2005-06-27Fix a bug where we would corrupt the stuff read from git-rev-list.Paul Mackerras
If we have a very long commit message, and we end up getting a bufferfull of data from git-rev-list that all belongs to one commit, we ended up throwing away the data from a previous read that should have been included. The result was a error message about not being able to parse the output of git-rev-list. Also, if the git-rev-list output that we can't parse is long, only put the first 80 chars in the error message. Otherwise we end up with an enormous error window.
2005-06-27Add a menu entry for generating a patch between any two commits.Paul Mackerras
2005-06-27Fix behaviour in the case where we have no commits to display.Paul Mackerras
I had code in there to put "No commits selected" on the canvas but it needed some globals.
2005-06-27Check for the existence of the git directory on startup.Paul Mackerras
Check that $GIT_DIR (or .git, if GIT_DIR is not set) is a directory. This means we can give a more informative error message if the user runs gitk somewhere that isn't a git repository.
2005-06-25Clear the SHA1 entry field when we go to paste something into itPaul Mackerras
If the user pastes in the selection (with the middle mouse button) and it already has 40 characters in it, clear it before pasting.
2005-06-25Add commit row context menu and handle left-click on graph linesPaul Mackerras
Right-click on a context row now brings up a menu allowing the user to generate a diff between that row and the selected row. Left-click on a graph line shows the parent and children connected by the line in the details pane. Left-click on a circle in the graph selects that commit. Left-click elsewhere in the graph does nothing. When displaying a diff, the bottom-right file list box behaves slightly differently now; instead of eliding all other files' diffs, it now just scrolls the details pane so that the selected file's diff starts at the top of the pane. Since the diffs can be rather large, arrange for an update to be done every 100ms while reading diffs. Also removed the CVS revision keywords and bumped the version number to 1.2.
2005-06-22Try to assign colors so crossing lines have different colorsPaul Mackerras
In particular try hard to give different colors to lines that cross at a corner in one of the lines.
2005-06-22Account for indentation of the checkin comments by git-rev-listPaul Mackerras
This involves adding indentation when we read a commit with git-cat-file and trimming the whitespace from the headline.
2005-06-22Use git-rev-list --header.Paul Mackerras
With --header, git-rev-list gives us the contents of the commit in-line, so we don't need to exec a git-cat-file to get it, and we don't need the readobj command either. Also fixed a residual problem with handling the commit that has a parent listed twice.
2005-06-21Pass arguments through git-rev-parse.Paul Mackerras
This allows the user to specify ranges more flexibly; for instance the user can now do "gitk v2.6.12.." and see all the changes since 2.6.12.
2005-06-21Handle the case of a parent being listed twice in a merge.Paul Mackerras
This happens in the linux-2.6 tree. We draw the graph line double-thick to show that this happened. Also fix a bug where we got a bogus "No commit information available" line at the end on simple repositories like this one.
2005-06-17Draw graph lines as one continuous line where possiblePaul Mackerras
Added context menu on lines Added headline display when the mouse hovers over a line Removed some debug messages
2005-06-16Fix operation without Mackerras
Display a watch cursor when reading the commits initially
2005-06-16Restructure to do incremental drawingPaul Mackerras
Some speedups from not doing update so often
2005-06-10Show heads as well as tagsPaul Mackerras
2005-06-01cope with changed git-diff-tree output formatPaul Mackerras
2005-05-31Use git-rev-list instead of git-rev-tree.Paul Mackerras
Fix bug in changing font size in entry widgets. Fix bug with B1 click before anything has been drawn. Use "units" and "pages" instead of "u" and "p" for tk8.5.
2005-05-21Read tags from .git/refs/tags/* and mark commits with tagsPaul Mackerras
with a label. Allow SHA1 ids or tags to be entered in the SHA1 ID field.
2005-05-19Accommodate new git-diff-tree output formatPaul Mackerras
Add 'f' key for moving to next file