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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2005-05-15Made commit list reading asynchronousPaul Mackerras
Added control+/- to increase/decrease font sizes Rearranged code a little.
2005-05-15Add a widget to show the SHA1 ID of the current commitPaul Mackerras
Add a find facility to search within the commits Cope with multiple starting points.
2005-05-12Make behaviour when git-rev-tree fails nicerPaul Mackerras
Fix crash benh saw with currentid undefined Add menu with file/quit and help/about items Add ^Q for quit
2005-05-11Show the diffs when a commit is selectedPaul Mackerras
Selecting in the listbox reduces the text view to just the diff for the file(s) selected Added -c option for color-by-committer Added some more key bindings
2005-05-11Make getting file lists asynchronousPaul Mackerras
Add some scrollbars
2005-05-10source ~/.gitk for user-specific option settingsPaul Mackerras
use a panedwindow for the main list with three panes, and make them scroll together
2005-05-10Display the list of changed files in a listbox pane.Paul Mackerras
2005-05-10Use a panedwindowPaul Mackerras
Make it cope with commits having parents that aren't listed.
2005-05-09Add initial version of gitk to the CVS repositoryPaul Mackerras