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2011-04-11Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Update cherry-pick error message parsing gitk: Quote tag names in event bindings to avoid problems with % chars gitk: Allow user to control how much of the SHA1 ID gets auto-selected gitk: spelling fixes in Russian translation gitk: Take only numeric version components when computing $git_version
2011-01-09Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
* maint: Mark gitk script executable
2011-01-09Mark gitk script executableAnders Kaseorg
The executable bit on gitk-git/gitk was lost (accidentally it seems) by commit 62ba5143ec2ab9d4083669b1b1679355e7639cd5. Put it back, so that gitk can be run directly from a git.git checkout. Note that the script is already executable in gitk.git, just not in git.git. Signed-off-by: Anders Kaseorg <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2010-12-14Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Add Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation gitk: Make text selectable on Mac gitk: Prevent the text pane from becoming editable gitk: Add the equivalent of diff --color-words gitk: Update Swedish translation (290t) gitk: Show notes by default (like git log does)
2010-04-19Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Display dirty submodules correctly gitk: Fix display of copyright symbol gitk: Add emacs editor variable block gitk: Avoid calling tk_setPalette on Windows gitk: Don't clobber "Remember this view" setting gitk: Add comments to explain encode_view_opts and decode_view_opts gitk: Use consistent font for all text input fields gitk: Set the font for all listbox widgets gitk: Set the font for all spinbox widgets gitk: Remove forced use of sans-serif font gitk: Add Ctrl-W shortcut for closing the active window
2010-02-06Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix copyright symbol in About box message
2010-01-29Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Update German translation gitk: Add French translation gitk: update Italian translation gitk: Update Swedish translation gitk: Adjust two equal strings which differed in whitespace gitk: Display submodule diffs with appropriate encoding gitk: Fix display of newly-created tags gitk: Enable gitk to create tags with messages gitk: Update Hungarian translation gitk: Add Hungarian translation gitk: Add "--no-replace-objects" option
2009-12-09Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix selection of tags gitk: Default to the system colours on Windows gitk: Update Japanese translation gitk: Fix "git gui blame" invocation when called from top-level directory gitk: Disable checkout of remote branches gitk: Improve appearance of radiobuttons and checkbuttons gitk: Skip translation of "wrong Tcl version" message gitk: Add Japanese translation gitk: Use the --submodule option for displaying diffs when available gitk: Fix diffing committed -> staged (typo in diffcmd) gitk: Add configuration for UI colour scheme gitk: Don't compare fake children when comparing commits gitk: Show diff of commits at end of compare-commits output gitk: Add a user preference to enable/disable use of themed widgets gitk: Fix errors in the theme patch gitk: Use themed tk widgets gitk: Restore scrolling position of diff pane on back/forward in history
2009-09-21Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Work around leftover temporary save file gitk: Show diff of commits at end of compare-commits output gitk: Update Swedish translation (280t0f0u)
2009-08-16Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Parse arbitrary commit-ish in SHA1 field gitk: Fix direction of symmetric difference in optimized mode gitk: New option to hide remote refs gitk: Do not hard-code "encoding" in attribute lookup functions
2009-06-20Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Allow diff view without context lines gitk: Add another string to translation gitk: Add option 'Simple history' to the options menu gitk: Handle msysGit version during version comparisons gitk: Make more options easily accessible from Edit View dialog gitk: Check git version before using --textconv flag gitk: Use --textconv to generate diff text gitk: Update German translation.
2009-05-01Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Add Russian translation gitk: Fix compare-commits function when we have local changes gitk: Avoid crash if closed while reading references gitk: Handle external diff tool with spaces in the path gitk: Remember and restore the window state with the geometry gitk: Map KP_Divide to focus the search box gitk: Mark some more strings for translation gitk: Mark forgotten string for translation gitk: Make .gitk a hidden file under windows gitk: Add a command to compare two strings of commits gitk: Add a way to mark a commit, plus a "find descendant" command gitk: Fixes for Mac OS X TkAqua gitk: Provide a 32x32 window icon based on the git logo gitk: Provide a window icon if possible gitk: Handle blobs containing a DOS end-of-file marker
2009-03-02Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix possible infinite loop and display corruption
2008-12-22Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Force the focus to the main window on Windows gitk: Allow unbalanced quotes/braces in commit headers gitk: Update German translation gitk: Mark forgotten strings (header sentence parts in color chooser) for translation gitk: Ensure that "Reset branch" menu entry is enabled gitk: Use check-buttons' -text property instead of separate labels gitk: Map / to focus the search box gitk: Fix bugs in blaming code
2008-12-02Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Add a menu option to start git gui gitk: Make line origin search update the busy status gitk: Update German translation gitk: Fix bug in accessing undefined "notflag" variable gitk: Highlight only when search type is "containing:". gitk: Fix context menu items for generating diffs when in tree mode
2008-12-01Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Avoid handling the Return key twice in Add Branch gitk: Show local changes properly when we have a path limit gitk: Fix switch statement in parseviewargs gitk: Index line[hnd]tag arrays by id rather than row number
2008-11-13Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix linehtag undefined error with file highlighting gitk: Fix commit encoding support gitk: Fix transient windows on Win32 and MacOS gitk: Add accelerators to frequently used menu commands gitk: Implement a user-friendly Edit View dialog gitk: Improve cherry-pick error handling gitk: Make cherry-pick call git-citool on conflicts gitk: Make gitk dialog windows transient gitk: Add Return and Escape bindings to dialogs gitk: Cope with unmerged files in local changes gitk: Make "show origin of this line" work on fake commits gitk: Unify handling of merge diffs with normal 2-way diffs gitk: Make the background color of marked lines configurable gitk: Add a menu item to show where a given line comes from gitk: Fix some off-by-one errors in computing which line to blame gitk: Allow starting gui blame for a specific line gitk: Fix file list context menu for merge commits gitk: Allow forcing branch creation if it already exists
2008-10-21Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Turn short SHA1 names into links too gitk: Regenerate .po files gitk: New way of constructing menus that allows for Alt+letter accelerators gitk: Bind Key-Return to create on new branch dialog gitk: Fix binding for <Return> in sha1 entry field gitk: Clean up file encoding code and add enable/disable option gitk: Implement batch lookup and caching of encoding attrs gitk: Enhance file encoding support gitk: Add untranslated error messages to translation gitk: Fix a bug in collapsing deeply nested trees gitk: Use <Button-2> for context menus on OSX
2008-09-07Merge updated git-gui and gitk that call each otherJunio C Hamano
Merge git:// and git:// * git:// git-gui: Show special diffs for complex conflict cases. git-gui: Make F5 reselect a diff, if an untracked file is selected. git-gui: Reimplement and enhance auto-selection of diffs. git-gui: Support conflict states _U & UT. git-gui: Support more merge tools. git-gui: Don't allow staging files with conflicts. git-gui: Support calling merge tools. git-gui: Support resolving conflicts via the diff context menu. git-gui: Mark forgotten strings for translation. git-gui: Allow specifying an initial line for git gui blame. git-gui: Better positioning in Blame Parent Commit git-gui: Support passing blame to a parent commit. git-gui: Support starting gitk from Gui Blame git-gui: Teach git gui about file type changes * git:// gitk: Add menu item for calling git gui blame gitk: Add option to specify the default commit on command line
2008-08-17Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Allow safely calling nukefile from a run queue handler
2008-08-06Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Update swedish translation. gitk: Updated German translation gitk: Fallback to selecting the head commit upon load gitk: Fixed automatic row selection during load gitk: Fixed broken exception handling in diff gitk: On Windows, use a Cygwin-specific flag for kill gitk: Arrange to kill diff-files & diff-index on quit gitk: Kill back-end processes on window close
2008-06-11Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Handle detached heads better
2008-05-24Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix bug introduced by "gitk: Fix "wrong # coordinates" error on reload" gitk: Fix bug where current row number display stops working gitk: Move es.po where it belongs gitk: Fix "wrong # coordinates" error on reload
2008-05-18gitk: Move es.po where it belongsMichele Ballabio
Signed-off-by: Michele Ballabio <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2008-05-15Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// (44 commits) gitk: Add a progress bar for checking out a head gitk: Show current row number and total number of rows gitk: Allow users to view diffs in external diff viewer gitk: Synchronize highlighting in file view for 'f' and 'b' commands gitk: Make updates go faster gitk: Disable "Reset %s branch to here" when on a detached head gitk: German translation again updated gitk: Update German translation gitk: Makefile/install: force permissions when installing files and dirs gitk: Initial Swedish translation. gitk: Spanish translation of gitk gitk: Fix handling of tree file list with special chars in names gitk: Reorganize processing of arguments for git log gitk: Fix problem with target row not being in scroll region gitk: Avoid a crash in selectline if commitinfo($id) isn't set gitk: Fix some corner cases in computing vrowmod and displayorder gitk: Correct a few strings and comments to say "git log" gitk: Don't filter view arguments through git rev-parse gitk: Fix problems with target row stuff gitk: Handle updating with path limiting better ...
2008-05-02gitk: Spanish translation of gitkSantiago Gala
I copied the Italian translation and translated the strings to Spanish starting from there. This incorporates suggestions from Wincent Colaiuta and Carlos Rica. Signed-off-by: Santiago Gala <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2008-04-08Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Fix changing colors through Edit->Preferences
2008-03-15Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: initial Italian translation gitk: Default to using if msgfmt doesn't grok --tcl, -l and -d gitk: Avoid Tcl error when switching views [PATCH] gitk: Don't show local changes when we there is no work tree [PATCH] gitk: Add horizontal scrollbar to the diff view [PATCH] gitk: make autoselect optional [PATCH] gitk: Mark another string for translation [PATCH] Add an --argscmd flag to get the list of refs to show gitk: Only restore window size from ~/.gitk, not position
2008-02-17Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// [PATCH] gitk: Heed the lines of context in merge commits
2008-02-13Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// [PATCH] gitk: learn --show-all output [PATCH] gitk: properly deal with tag names containing / (slash) [PATCH] gitk: Add checkbutton to ignore space changes [PATCH] gitk: Fix "Key bindings" message
2008-01-21Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// [PATCH] gitk: make Ctrl "+" really increase the font size
2008-01-11Merge ../gitkJunio C Hamano
* ../gitk: gitk: Update German translation. gitk: Fix typo in user message. gitk: Fix the Makefile to cope with systems lacking msgfmt
2008-01-09Merge branch 'master' of git:// C Hamano
* 'master' of git:// [PATCH] gitk: use user-configured background in view definition dialog [PATCH] gitk: Update German translation [PATCH] gitk: Update and fix Makefile gitk: Restore some widget options whose defaults changed in Tk 8.5 gitk: Recode de.po to UTF-8 [PATCH] gitk i18n: Recode gitk from latin1 to utf8 so that the (c) copyright character is valid utf8. [PATCH] gitk i18n: More markup -- various options menus [PATCH] gitk i18n: Initial German translation [PATCH] gitk i18n: Markup several strings for translation [PATCH] gitk i18n: Import msgcat for message string translation; load translation catalogs [PATCH] gitk i18n: Add Makefile with rules for po file creation and installation
2007-11-19Move gitk to its own subdirectoryJunio C Hamano
This is to prepare for gitk i18n effort that makes gitk not a single file project anymore. We may use subproject to bind git.git and gitk.git more loosely in the future, but we do not want to require everybody to have subproject aware git to be able to pull from git.git yet. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>