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2010-01-23git-svn: add --username/commit-url options for branch/tagIgor Mironov
2010-01-23git-svn: respect commiturl option for branch/tagIgor Mironov
2010-01-23git-svn: fix mismatched src/dst errors for branch/tagIgor Mironov
2010-01-23git-svn: handle merge-base failuresAndrew Myrick
2010-01-23git-svn: ignore changeless commits when checking for a cherry-pickAndrew Myrick
2009-12-23git svn: branch/tag commands detect username in URLsEric Wong
2009-12-22git svn: lookup new parents correctly from svn:mergeinfoEric Wong
2009-12-21git-svn: Remove obsolete MAXPARENT checkAndrew Myrick
2009-12-21git-svn: detect cherry-picks correctly.Sam Vilain
2009-12-21git-svn: exclude already merged tips using one rev-list callSam Vilain
2009-12-21git-svn: fix some mistakes with interpreting SVN mergeinfo commit rangesSam Vilain
2009-12-21git-svn: memoize conversion of SVN merge ticket info to git commit rangesSam Vilain
2009-12-21git svn: fix --revision when fetching deleted pathsEric Wong
2009-12-19git svn: make empty directory creation gc-awareEric Wong
2009-12-09git-svn: set svn.authorsfile earlier when cloningAlex Vandiver
2009-12-09git-svn: Set svn.authorsfile to an absolute path when cloningAlex Vandiver
2009-12-08git svn: log removals of empty directoriesEric Wong
2009-12-08git svn: Don't create empty directories whose parents were deletedGreg Price
2009-12-08git-svn: sort svk merge tickets to account for minimal parentsAlex Vandiver
2009-11-23git svn: strip leading path when making empty dirsEric Wong
2009-11-22git svn: always reuse existing remotes on fetchEric Wong
2009-11-21Merge branch 'jn/editor-pager'Junio C Hamano
2009-11-16git svn: attempt to create empty dirs on clone+rebaseEric Wong
2009-11-14git svn: read global+system config for clone+initEric Wong
2009-11-14git svn: handle SVN merges from revisions past the tip of the branchToby Allsopp
2009-11-13am -i, git-svn: use "git var GIT_PAGER"Jonathan Nieder
2009-11-13add -i, send-email, svn, p4, etc: use "git var GIT_EDITOR"Jonathan Nieder
2009-10-27git-svn: convert SVN 1.5+ / svn:mergeinfo props to parentsSam Vilain
2009-10-27git-svn: convert SVK merge tickets to extra parentsSam Vilain
2009-10-27git svn: fix fetch where glob is on the top-level URLEric Wong
2009-10-10git-svn: hide find_parent_branch output in double quiet modeSimon Arlott
2009-10-09git-svn: Avoid spurious errors when rewriteRoot is used.Alexander Gavrilov
2009-09-13Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2009-09-13svn: properly escape arguments for authors-progMark Lodato
2009-08-19git-svn: Use GIT_SSH setting if SVN_SSH is not setKarthik R
2009-08-19svn: assume URLs from the command-line are URI-encodedEric Wong
2009-08-13svn: (cleanup) use predefined constant for rev_map_fmtEric Wong
2009-08-13svn: allow branches outside of refs/remotesAdam Brewster
2009-08-13svn: initial "master" points to trunk if possibleEric Wong
2009-08-10git-svn: ignore leading blank lines in svn:ignoreMichael Haggerty
2009-08-10svn: Honor --prefix option in init without --stdlayoutAdam Brewster
2009-07-25git svn: make minimize URL more reliable over http(s)Eric Wong
2009-07-25git svn: avoid escaping '/' when renaming/copying filesEric Wong
2009-07-25git svn: the branch command no longer needs the full pathEric Wong
2009-07-25git svn: revert default behavior for --minimize-urlEric Wong
2009-07-25git svn: add gc commandRobert Allan Zeh
2009-07-23git svn: fix shallow clone when upstream revision is too newEric Wong
2009-07-20git svn: fix reparenting when ugly http(s) URLs are usedEric Wong
2009-07-11git svn: allow uppercase UUIDs from SVNEric Wong
2009-07-11git-svn: Fix branch detection when repository root is inaccessibleMattias Nissler