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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-13Remove git-resolve.Junio C Hamano
2006-10-01merge and resolve: Output short hashes and .. in "Updating ..."Santi BĂ©jar
2006-09-24Deprecate git-resolve.shPetr Baudis
2006-07-11Log ref changes made by resolve.Shawn Pearce
2006-03-10allow double click on current HEAD id after git-pullOlaf Hering
2006-02-19Keep Porcelainish from failing by broken ident after making changes.Junio C Hamano
2005-12-14Trivial usage string
2005-11-25git-sh-setup: die if outside git repository.Junio C Hamano
2005-09-28Use git-update-ref in scripts.Junio C Hamano
2005-09-08Big tool rename.Junio C Hamano