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2007-11-06Migrate to use git-rev-parse --parseoptPierre Habouzit
2007-10-19Stop displaying "Pack pack-$ID created." during git-gcShawn O. Pearce
2007-10-03Merge branch 'jc/autogc'Junio C Hamano
2007-09-23Supplant the "while case ... break ;; esac" idiomDavid Kastrup
2007-09-18repack -A -d: use --keep-unreachable when repackingJunio C Hamano
2007-07-12Add --window-memory option to git-repackBrian Downing
2007-07-04repack: don't report "Nothing new to pack." if -q is givenUwe Kleine-König
2007-07-03Rewrite "git-frotz" to "git frotz"Junio C Hamano
2007-05-25Ensure git-repack -a -d --max-pack-size=N deletes correct packsDana How
2007-05-21git-repack --max-pack-size: add option parsing to enable featureDana L. How
2007-05-10make "repack -f" imply "pack-objects --no-reuse-object"Nicolas Pitre
2007-01-29[PATCH] Rename git-repo-config to git-config.Tom Prince
2007-01-12Make git-prune-packed a bit more chatty.Junio C Hamano
2006-12-21Teach git-repack to preserve objects referred to by reflog entries.Junio C Hamano
2006-12-13repacked packs should be read-onlyNicolas Pitre
2006-10-29Only repack active packs by skipping over kept packs.Shawn Pearce
2006-10-23Merge branch 'np/pack'Junio C Hamano
2006-10-14git-repack: repo.usedeltabaseoffsetJunio C Hamano
2006-09-25git-repack: allow git-repack to run in subdirectoryJeff King
2006-09-20repack: use only pack-objects, not rev-list.Junio C Hamano
2006-09-06git-repack: create new packs inside $GIT_DIR, not cwdMartin Langhoff
2006-08-29Check if pack directory exists prior to descending into itMatthias Kestenholz
2006-07-13git-repack: avoid redirecting stderr into git-pack-objectsJunio C Hamano
2006-06-25git-repack: Be careful when updating the same pack as an existing one.Junio C Hamano
2006-06-24git-repack -- respect -q and be quietMartin Langhoff
2006-05-07Merge branch 'fix'Junio C Hamano
2006-05-07repack: honor -d even when no new pack was createdMartin Waitz
2006-04-19Allow "git repack" users to specify repacking window/depthLinus Torvalds
2006-04-03fix repacking with lots of tagsJim Radford
2006-03-11repack: prune loose objects when -d is givenJunio C Hamano
2006-02-17git-repack: allow passing a couple of flags to pack-objects.Junio C Hamano
2005-12-14git-repack: Usage string clean-up, emit usage at incorrect
2005-11-25git-sh-setup: die if outside git repository.Junio C Hamano
2005-11-21git-repack: Properly abort in corrupt repositoryLinus Torvalds
2005-11-19git-repack: do not do complex redundancy check.Junio C Hamano
2005-11-18Remove all old packfiles when doing "git repack -a -d"Lukas Sandström
2005-11-18git-repack: Fix variable nameRalf Baechle
2005-11-12Make git-pack-redundant consider alt-odbsLukas_Sandström
2005-11-12Rename git-pack-intersect to git-pack-redundantLukas_Sandström
2005-11-12Make git-repack use git-pack-intersect.Lukas_Sandström
2005-10-28Be marginally more careful about removing objectsLinus Torvalds
2005-10-13Add "-l" flag for repacking only local packsLinus Torvalds
2005-09-18Archive-destroying "git repack -a -d" bug.Junio C Hamano
2005-09-08Big tool rename.Junio C Hamano