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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-09-01(short) documentation for the testgit remote helperMatthieu Moy
2011-07-19transport-helper: implement marks location as capabilitySverre Rabbelier
2011-07-19transport-helper: change import semanticsSverre Rabbelier
2011-07-19transport-helper: update ref status after push with exportSverre Rabbelier
2011-07-19transport-helper: use the new done feature where possibleSverre Rabbelier
2011-07-19git-remote-testgit: only push for non-local repositoriesSverre Rabbelier
2011-07-19remote-helpers: export GIT_DIR variable to helpersDmitry Ivankov
2011-07-19git-remote-testgit: import non-HEAD refsJeff King
2010-06-14Remove python 2.5'ismsBrandon Casey
2010-04-10Makefile: Simplify handling of python scriptsBrian Gernhardt
2010-04-01remote-helpers: add testgit helperSverre Rabbelier