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6 daysMerge branch 'yz/p4-py3'Junio C Hamano
2020-01-30git-p4: avoid leak of file handle when cloningLuke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: check for access to remote host earlierLuke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: cleanup better on error exitLuke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: create helper function importRevisions()Luke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: disable some pylint warnings, to get pylint output to something manag...Luke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: add P4CommandException to report errors talking to PerforceLuke Diamand
2020-01-30git-p4: make closeStreams() idempotentLuke Diamand
2020-01-15git-p4: use python3's input() everywhereYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: simplify regex pattern generation for parsing diff-treeYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: use dict.items() iteration for python3 compatibilityYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: use functools.reduce instead of reduceYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: fix freezing while waiting for fast-import progressYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: use marshal format version 2 when sending to p4Yang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: open .gitp4-usercache.txt in text modeYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: convert path to unicode before processing themYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: encode/decode communication with git for python3Yang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: encode/decode communication with p4 for python3Yang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: remove string type aliasingYang Zhao
2020-01-15git-p4: change the expansion test from basestring to listBen Keene
2020-01-15git-p4: make python2.7 the oldest supported versionYang Zhao
2020-01-02Merge branch 'bk/p4-misc-usability'Junio C Hamano
2019-12-16git-p4: show detailed help when parsing options failBen Keene
2019-12-16git-p4: yes/no prompts should sanitize user textBen Keene
2019-12-11git-p4: honor configuration variabler.burenkov
2019-10-06git-p4: auto-delete named temporary filePhilip.McGraw
2019-07-09Merge branch 'am/p4-branches-excludes'Junio C Hamano
2019-06-17Merge branch 'mm/p4-unshelve-windows-fix'Junio C Hamano
2019-05-28p4 unshelve: fix "Not a valid object name HEAD0" on WindowsMike Mueller
2019-05-28git-p4: allow unshelving of branched filesSimon Williams
2019-04-02git-p4: respect excluded paths when detecting branchesMazo, Andrey
2019-04-02git-p4: don't exclude other files with same prefixMazo, Andrey
2019-04-02git-p4: don't groom exclude path list on every commitMazo, Andrey
2019-04-02git-p4: match branches case insensitively if configuredMazo, Andrey
2019-04-02git-p4: detect/prevent infinite loop in gitCommitByP4Change()Mazo, Andrey
2019-02-05Merge branch 'ld/git-p4-shelve-update-fix'Junio C Hamano
2019-01-18git-p4: handle update of moved/copied files when updating a shelveLuke Diamand
2019-01-07git-p4: fix problem when p4 login is not necessaryPeter Osterlund
2018-10-16git-p4: fully support unshelving changelistsLuke Diamand
2018-10-16git-p4: unshelve into refs/remotes/p4-unshelved, not refs/remotes/p4/unshelvedLuke Diamand
2018-10-12git-p4: do not fail in verbose mode for missing 'fileSize' keyLuke Diamand
2018-08-01git-p4: add the `p4-pre-submit` hookChen Bin
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: fix octal constantsLuke Diamand
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: use print() functionLuke Diamand
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: basestring workaroundLuke Diamand
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: remove backticksLuke Diamand
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: replace dict.has_key(k) with "k in dict"Luke Diamand
2018-06-19git-p4: python3: replace <> with !=Luke Diamand
2018-06-18Merge branch 'ld/git-p4-updates'Junio C Hamano
2018-06-12git-p4: auto-size the blockLuke Diamand