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2020-03-02git-gui: fix error popup when doing blame -> "Show History Context"Pratyush Yadav
2019-12-30git-gui: allow opening currently selected file in default appZoli Szabó
2019-12-09git gui: fix branch name encoding errorKazuhiro Kato
2019-12-05git-gui: revert untracked files by deleting themJonathan Gilbert
2019-12-05git-gui: update status bar to track operationsJonathan Gilbert
2019-10-03Merge branch 'bw/diff3-conflict-style'Pratyush Yadav
2019-10-03git-gui: support for diff3 conflict styleBert Wesarg
2019-10-01git-gui (Windows): use git-bash.exe if it is availableThomas Klaeger
2019-09-24Merge branches 'js/msgfmt-on-windows', 'tz/fsf-address-update', 'jn/reproduci...Pratyush Yadav
2019-09-14Merge branch 'bp/amend-toggle-bind'Pratyush Yadav
2019-09-14git-gui: add hotkey to toggle "Amend Last Commit"Birger Skogeng Pedersen
2019-09-13Merge branch 'bw/commit-scrollbuffer'Pratyush Yadav
2019-09-13git-gui: add horizontal scrollbar to commit bufferBert Wesarg
2019-09-13git-gui: convert new/amend commit radiobutton to checkbuttonBert Wesarg
2019-09-11Merge branch 'py/revert-hunks-lines'Pratyush Yadav
2019-09-10git-gui: add hotkeys to set widget focusBirger Skogeng Pedersen
2019-08-28git-gui: allow undoing last revertPratyush Yadav
2019-08-25git-gui: allow reverting selected hunkPratyush Yadav
2019-08-25git-gui: allow reverting selected linesPratyush Yadav
2019-08-07git-gui: call do_quit before destroying the main windowPratyush Yadav
2018-03-02git-gui: bind CTRL/CMD+numpad ENTER to do_commitBirger Skogeng Pedersen
2018-01-09git-gui: allow Ctrl+T to toggle multiple pathsJohannes Schindelin
2018-01-09git-gui: fix exception when trying to stage with empty file listJohannes Schindelin
2018-01-09git-gui: avoid exception upon Ctrl+T in an empty listJohannes Schindelin
2017-11-09Replace Free Software Foundation address in license noticesTodd Zullinger
2016-10-06git-gui: handle the encoding of Git's output correctlyKarsten Blees
2016-10-06git-gui: unicode file name support on windowsKarsten Blees
2016-10-03git-gui i18n: mark "usage:" strings for translationVasco Almeida
2016-10-03Merge branch 'pt/non-mouse-usage' into puPat Thoyts
2016-10-03Merge branch 'pt/git4win-mods' into puPat Thoyts
2016-10-03git-gui: fix initial git gui message encodingyaras
2016-10-03git-gui: fix detection of CygwinPat Thoyts
2016-10-01Amend tab ordering and text widget border and highlighting.Pat Thoyts
2016-10-01Allow keyboard control to work in the staging widgets.Pat Thoyts
2015-01-13git-gui: reinstate support for Tcl 8.4Kyle J. McKay
2015-01-05git-gui: fix problem with gui.maxfilesdisplayedCsaba Kiraly
2014-11-07git-gui: fix verbose loading when git path contains spaces.Pat Thoyts
2014-11-06git-gui/gitk: Do not depend on Cygwin's "kill" command on WindowsSebastian Schuberth
2014-10-06git-gui: add configurable tab size to the diff viewMichael Lutz
2014-08-10git-gui: Make git-gui lib dir configurable at runimeDavid Turner
2014-06-13git-gui: tolerate major version changes when comparing the git versionJens Lehmann
2014-06-13git-gui: show staged submodules regardless of ignore configJens Lehmann
2014-01-18git-gui: fallback right pane to packed widgets with Tk 8.4Max Kirillov
2013-09-12git-gui: add menu item to launch a bash shell on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2013-09-06git-gui: corrected setup of git worktree under cygwin.John Murphy
2013-08-27git-gui: right half window is panedMax Kirillov
2013-08-27git-gui: Add gui.displayuntracked optionMax Kirillov
2013-08-27git-gui: show the maxrecentrepo config option in the preferences dialogPat Thoyts
2013-06-07git-gui: fix file name handling with non-empty prefixJohn Keeping
2013-06-07git-gui: bring wish process to front on MacStefan Haller