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2013-06-07git-gui: fix file name handling with non-empty prefixJohn Keeping
2013-06-07git-gui: bring wish process to front on MacStefan Haller
2012-11-13git-gui: Fix parsing of <rev> <path-which-not-present-in-worktree>Kirill Smelkov
2012-10-17git-gui: Don't prepend the prefix if value looks like a full pathAndrew Wong
2012-10-17git-gui: Detect full path when parsing argumentsAndrew Wong
2012-09-17git-gui: Fix semi-working shortcuts for unstage and revertVitaly _Vi Shukela
2012-04-19git-gui: preserve commit messages in utf-8Pat Thoyts
2012-03-25git-gui: open console when using --trace on windowsHeiko Voigt
2011-12-09git-gui: handle shell script text filters when loading for blame.Pat Thoyts
2011-12-07git-gui: Set both 16x16 and 32x32 icons on X to pacify Xming.Samuel Bronson
2011-11-30git-gui: added config gui.gcwarning to disable the gc hint messagePat Thoyts
2011-11-05git-gui: add config value gui.diffopts for passing additional diff optionsTilman Vogel
2011-11-04git-gui: support underline style when parsing diff outputPat Thoyts
2011-10-19Merge branch 'bw/searching'gitgui-0.15.0Pat Thoyts
2011-10-18git-gui: new config to control staging of untracked filesBert Wesarg
2011-10-18git-gui: handle config booleans without valueBert Wesarg
2011-10-18git-gui: fix multi selected file operationBert Wesarg
2011-07-11Fix typo: existant->existentDmitry Ivankov
2011-05-20git-gui: warn when trying to commit on a detached headHeiko Voigt
2011-03-25git-gui: detect the use of MUI langauge packs on WindowsPat Thoyts
2011-02-13git-gui: always default to the last merged branch in remote deleteHeiko Voigt
2011-01-28git-gui: learn more type change statesBert Wesarg
2011-01-28git-gui: fix typo in image dataBert Wesarg
2010-12-10git-gui: use --exclude-standard to check for untracked filesStefan Naewe
2010-12-06git-gui: Fix use of hunk tag for non-hunk content.Bert Wesarg
2010-11-19git-gui: respect conflict marker sizeBert Wesarg
2010-10-27git-gui: apply color information from git diff outputPat Thoyts
2010-10-27git-gui: use wordprocessor tab style to ensure tabs work as expectedPat Thoyts
2010-10-20git-gui: correct assignment of work-treePat Thoyts
2010-10-07git-gui: generic version trimmingPat Thoyts
2010-10-05git-gui: enable the Tk console when tracing/debugging on WindowsPat Thoyts
2010-10-05git-gui: show command-line errors in a messagebox on WindowsPat Thoyts
2010-10-05On Windows, avoid git-gui to call Cygwin's nice utilitySebastian Schuberth
2010-09-13git-gui: avoid mis-encoding the copyright message on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-12git-gui: handle textconv filter on Windows and in developmentPat Thoyts
2010-08-12git-gui: use shell to launch textconv filter in "blame"Matthieu Moy
2010-08-07git-gui: display error launching blame as a message box.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-07git-gui: Make usage statement visible on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-02git-gui: fix size and position of window panes on startupPat Thoyts
2010-08-02git-gui: mc cannot be used before msgcat has been loadedPat Thoyts
2010-07-30git-gui: use textconv filter for diff and blameClément Poulain
2010-07-30git-gui: fix "Explore Working Copy" for Windows againMarkus Heidelberg
2010-07-10git-gui: Handle failure of core.worktree to identify the working directory.Pat Thoyts
2010-02-08Merge branch 'maint'Shawn O. Pearce
2010-02-08git-gui: check whether systems nice command works or disable itHeiko Voigt
2010-01-29Merge branch 'maint'Shawn O. Pearce
2010-01-29git-gui: fix shortcut for menu "Commit/Revert Changes"Heiko Voigt
2010-01-28git-gui: Quote git path when starting another gui in a submoduleJens Lehmann
2010-01-28git-gui: use themed tk widgets with Tk 8.5Pat Thoyts
2010-01-25git-gui: Remove unused icon file_parttickShawn O. Pearce