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2010-09-13git-gui: avoid mis-encoding the copyright message on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-12git-gui: handle textconv filter on Windows and in developmentPat Thoyts
2010-08-12git-gui: use shell to launch textconv filter in "blame"Matthieu Moy
2010-08-07git-gui: display error launching blame as a message box.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-07git-gui: Make usage statement visible on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2010-08-02git-gui: fix size and position of window panes on startupPat Thoyts
2010-08-02git-gui: mc cannot be used before msgcat has been loadedPat Thoyts
2010-07-30git-gui: use textconv filter for diff and blameClément Poulain
2010-07-30git-gui: fix "Explore Working Copy" for Windows againMarkus Heidelberg
2010-07-10git-gui: Handle failure of core.worktree to identify the working directory.Pat Thoyts
2010-02-08Merge branch 'maint'Shawn O. Pearce
2010-02-08git-gui: check whether systems nice command works or disable itHeiko Voigt
2010-01-29Merge branch 'maint'Shawn O. Pearce
2010-01-29git-gui: fix shortcut for menu "Commit/Revert Changes"Heiko Voigt
2010-01-28git-gui: Quote git path when starting another gui in a submoduleJens Lehmann
2010-01-28git-gui: use themed tk widgets with Tk 8.5Pat Thoyts
2010-01-25git-gui: Remove unused icon file_parttickShawn O. Pearce
2010-01-25git-gui: use different icon for new and modified files in the indexPeter Oberndorfer
2010-01-24git-gui: set GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE after setupGiuseppe Bilotta
2010-01-23git-gui: handle bare repos correctlyGiuseppe Bilotta
2010-01-23git-gui: handle non-standard worktree locationsGiuseppe Bilotta
2010-01-23git-gui: Support applying a range of changes at onceJeff Epler
2010-01-23git-gui: Add a special diff popup menu for submodulesJens Lehmann
2010-01-23git-gui: work from the .git dirGiuseppe Bilotta
2010-01-23git-gui: Correct file_states when unstaging partly staged entryJens Lehmann
2010-01-23git-gui: Fix gitk for branch whose name matches local filePeter Krefting
2010-01-07git-gui: Add hotkeys for "Unstage from commit" and "Revert changes"Vitaly _Vi Shukela
2009-12-07git-gui: suppress RenderBadPicture X error caused by Tk bugJindrich Makovicka
2009-10-27git-gui: adjust the minimum height of diff pane for shorter screen heightVietor Liu
2009-09-25git-gui: fix use of uninitialized variableJens Lehmann
2009-09-12git-gui: store wm state and fix wm geometryAlexey Borzenkov
2009-08-12git-gui: Limit display to a maximum number of filesDan Zwell
2009-08-10git-gui: display summary when showing diff of a submoduleJens Lehmann
2009-05-01git-gui: Fixes for Mac OS X TkAquaDaniel A. Steffen
2009-04-08Merge branch 'maint'Shawn O. Pearce
2009-04-08git-gui: Ensure consistent usage of mergetool.keepBackupFerry Huberts
2009-04-08git-gui: fix use of undeclared variable diff_empty_countJoerg Bornemann
2009-04-05git-gui (Win): make "Explore Working Copy" more robustMarkus Heidelberg
2009-04-05git-gui: use `git --html-path` to get the location of installed HTML docsMarkus Heidelberg
2009-03-30git-gui: fix deleting from the context menu with empty selectionMarkus Heidelberg
2009-02-08git-gui: Support more git version notations.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-12-17git-gui: Get rid of the last remnants of GIT_CONFIG_LOCALJohannes Schindelin
2008-12-08git-gui: Fix handling of relative paths in blame.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-16git-gui: Add a Tools menu for arbitrary commands.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-16git-gui: Fix the after callback execution in rescan.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-16git-gui: Implement system-wide configuration handling.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-16git-gui: try to provide a window icon under XGiuseppe Bilotta
2008-11-11git-gui: Add the Show SSH Key item to the clone dialog.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-01git-gui: Add a simple implementation of SSH_ASKPASS.Alexander Gavrilov
2008-11-01git-gui: Add a dialog that shows the OpenSSH public key.Alexander Gavrilov