path: root/git-annotate.perl
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-03-11annotate.perl triggers rpm bugsean
2006-03-06annotate: Support annotation of files on other revisions.Ryan Anderson
2006-03-06blame and annotate: show localtime with timezone.Junio C Hamano
2006-03-03annotate should number lines starting with 1Luck, Tony
2006-03-02annotate: resurrect raw timestamps.Junio C Hamano
2006-03-02annotate: fix -S parameter to take a stringMartin Langhoff
2006-03-02annotate: handle \No newline at end of file.Ryan Anderson
2006-02-26annotate: Use qx{} for pipes on activestate.Ryan Anderson
2006-02-26annotate: Convert all -| calls to use a helper open_pipe().Ryan Anderson
2006-02-26annotate: Handle dirty state and arbitrary revisions.Ryan Anderson
2006-02-22Use Ryan's git-annotate instead of jsannotateJohannes Schindelin
2006-02-20Add git-annotate, a tool for assigning blame.Ryan Anderson