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2005-04-09Teach "fsck" and "read-tree" about recursive tree-nodes.Linus Torvalds
This is totally untested, since we can't actually _write_ things that way yet, but I'll get to that next, I hope. That should fix the huge wasted space for kernel-sized tree objects.
2005-04-09Make "fsck-cache" print out all the root commits it finds.Linus Torvalds
Once I do the reference tracking, I'll also make it print out all the HEAD commits it finds, which is even more interesting.
2005-04-09Fix missing return values and some error tests for empty index filesLinus Torvalds
Patches from Dave Jones and Ingo Molnar, but since I don't have any infrastructure in place to use the old patch applicator scripts I am trying to build up, I ended up fixing the thing by hand instead. Credit where credit is due, though. Nice to see that people are taking a look at the project even in this early stage.
2005-04-09Make fsck-cache start parsing the object types, and checking theirLinus Torvalds
internal format. This doesn't yet check the reachability information, but we're getting there.. Slowly.
2005-04-08Add first cut at "fsck-cache" that validates the SHA1 object store.Linus Torvalds
It doesn't complain about mine. But it also doesn't yet check for inter-object reachability etc.