path: root/contrib/subtree/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-08subtree: fix build with AsciiDoctor 2Johannes Schindelin
2018-10-18Revert "subtree: make install targets depend on build targets"Junio C Hamano
2018-10-16subtree: make install targets depend on build targetsChristian Hesse
2018-10-10subtree: add build targets 'man' and 'html'Christian Hesse
2017-06-28subtree: honour USE_ASCIIDOCTOR when setA. Wilcox
2016-01-19contrib/subtree: Make testing easierDavid A. Greene
2014-10-15subtree: add an install-html targetSebastian Schuberth
2014-08-18subtree: make "all" default target of MakefileJeff King
2014-07-21Fix contrib/subtree Makefile to patch #! lineCharles Bailey
2014-05-06contrib/subtree/Makefile: clean up rule for "clean"James Denholm
2014-05-06contrib/subtree/Makefile: clean up rules to generate documentationJames Denholm
2014-05-06contrib/subtree/Makefile: s/libexecdir/gitexecdir/James Denholm
2014-05-06contrib/subtree/Makefile: use GIT-VERSION-FILEJames Denholm
2014-05-06contrib/subtree/Makefile: scrap unused $(gitdir)James Denholm
2013-10-30subtree: add makefile target for html docsJeff King
2013-07-30contrib/subtree: Fix make install targetMichal Sojka
2013-02-05contrib/subtree: make the manual directory if neededJesper L. Nielsen
2013-02-05contrib/subtree: honor DESTDIRAdam Tkac
2012-04-10Use git-subtree test MakefileDavid A. Greene
2012-04-10Install git-subtree from contribDavid A. Greene
2012-04-10Use configure settings for git-subtreeDavid A. Greene
2012-04-10Use project config filesDavid A. Greene
2012-04-10Add 'contrib/subtree/' from commit 'd3a04e06c77d57978bb5230361c64946232cc346'David A. Greene