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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-08git-remote-mediawiki: use toplevel's MakefileMatthieu Moy
2012-11-29git-remote-mediawiki: escape ", \, and LF in file namesMatthieu Moy
2012-08-03git-remote-mediawiki: replace TODO-list in comment by appropriate linkMatthieu Moy
2012-07-24Merge branch 'jk/mediawiki-credential'Junio C Hamano
2012-07-18mw-to-git: use git-credential's URL parserJeff King
2012-07-18mw-to-git: check blank credential attributes via lengthJeff King
2012-07-17git-remote-mediawiki: allow page names with a ':'Matthieu Moy
2012-07-17git-remote-mediawiki: fix incorrect test usage in testMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: properly deal with invalid remote revisionsMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: show progress information when getting last remote revi...Matthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: show progress information when listing pagesMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: use --force when adding notesMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: get rid of O(N^2) loopMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: make mediafiles export optionalMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: actually send empty comment when they're emptyMatthieu Moy
2012-07-16git-remote-mediawiki: don't split namespaces with spacesMatthieu Moy
2012-07-13Merge branch 'mm/mediawiki-tests'Junio C Hamano
2012-07-13Merge branch 'mm/mediawiki-file-attachments'Junio C Hamano
2012-07-09git-remote-mediawiki: update comments to reflect credential supportMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: be more defensive when requests failMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: more efficient 'pull' in the best caseMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: extract revision-importing loop to a functionMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: refactor loop over revision idsMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: change return type of get_mw_pagesMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki (t9363): test 'File:' import and exportNGUYEN Kim Thuat
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: support for uploading file in test environmentMatthieu Moy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki (t9362): test git-remote-mediawiki with UTF8 charactersSimon Cathebras
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki (t9361): test git-remote-mediawiki pull and pushGuillaume Sasdy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki (t9360): test git-remote-mediawiki cloneGuillaume Sasdy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: test environment of git-remote-mediawikiGuillaume Sasdy
2012-07-06git-remote-mediawiki: scripts to install, delete and clear a MediaWikiGuillaume Sasdy
2012-07-05git-remote-mediawiki: improve support for non-English WikisMatthieu Moy
2012-06-27git-remote-mediawiki: import "File:" attachmentsPavel Volek
2012-06-27git-remote-mediawiki: split get_mw_pages into smaller functionsMatthieu Moy
2012-06-27git-remote-mediawiki: send "File:" attachments to a remote wikiNGUYEN Kim Thuat
2012-06-27git-remote-mediawiki: don't "use encoding 'utf8';"Matthieu Moy
2012-06-27git-remote-mediawiki: don't compute the diff when getting commit messageMatthieu Moy
2012-06-25git-remote-mediawiki: add credential supportMatthieu Moy
2011-10-20git-remote-mediawiki: don't include HTTP login/password in authorMatthieu Moy
2011-09-28git-remote-mediawiki: allow a domain to be set for authenticationMatthieu Moy
2011-09-27git-remote-mediawiki: obey advice.pushNonFastForwardMatthieu Moy
2011-09-27git-remote-mediawiki: set 'basetimestamp' to let the wiki handle conflictsMatthieu Moy
2011-09-27git-remote-mediawiki: trivial fixesMatthieu Moy
2011-09-01git-remote-mediawiki: allow push to set MediaWiki metadataMatthieu Moy
2011-09-01Add a remote helper to interact with mediawiki (fetch & push)Jeremie Nikaes