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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-02-20contrib/git-svn: add Makefile, test, and associated ignoresEric Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: fix several corner-case and rare bugs with 'commit'Eric Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: change ; to && in addremove()Eric Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: remove any need for the XML::Simple dependencyEric Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: Allow for more argument types for commit ( Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: allow --find-copies-harder and -l<num> to be passed on commitEric Wong
2006-02-20git-svn: fix a typo in defining the --no-stop-on-copy optionEric Wong
2006-02-18git-svn: remove files from the index before adding/updatingEric Wong
2006-02-17git-svn: ensure fetch always works chronologically.Eric Wong
2006-02-17git-svn: fix revision order when XML::Simple is not loadedEric Wong
2006-02-16Introducing contrib/git-svn.Eric Wong