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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-07-07git-svn: migrate out of contribEric Wong
2006-07-05git-svn: avoid fetching files outside of the URL we're trackingEric Wong
2006-07-01git-svn: allow a local target directory to be specified for initEric Wong
2006-06-28git-svn: be verbose by default on fetch/commit, add -q/--quiet optionEric Wong
2006-06-28git-svn: add --follow-parent and --no-metadata options to fetchEric Wong
2006-06-28git-svn: add the commit-diff commandEric Wong
2006-06-28git-svn: several graft-branches improvementsEric Wong
2006-06-28git-svn: SVN 1.1.x library compatibilityEric Wong
2006-06-22git-svn: fix commit --edit flag when using SVN:: librariesEric Wong
2006-06-20git-svn: fix --rmdir when using SVN:: librariesEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: rebuild convenience and bugfixesEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: svn (command-line) 1.0.x compatibilityEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: tests no longer fail if LC_ALL is not a UTF-8 localeEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: bugfix and optimize the 'log' commandEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: Eliminate temp file usage in libsvn_get_file()Eric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: fix several small bugs, enable branch optimizationEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: avoid creating some small filesEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: make the $GIT_DIR/svn/*/revs directory obsoleteEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add support for Perl SVN::* librariesEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add 'log' command, a facsimile of basic `svn log'Eric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add UTF-8 message testEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add some functionality to better support branches in svnEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add --shared and --template= options to pass to init-dbEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: add --repack and --repack-flags= optionsEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: minor cleanups, extra error-checkingEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: Move all git-svn-related paths into $GIT_DIR/svnEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: support manually placed initial trees from fetchEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: optimize --branch and --branch-all-refEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: --branch-all-refs / -B supportEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: support -C<num> passing to git-diff-treeEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: don't allow commit if svn tree is not currentEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: restore original LC_ALL setting (or unset) for commitEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: eol_cp corner-case fixesEric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: fix handling of filenames with embedded '@'Eric Wong
2006-06-16git-svn: t0000: add -f flag to checkoutEric Wong
2006-05-30git-svn: remove assertion that broke with older versions of svnEric Wong
2006-05-30git-svn: t0001: workaround a heredoc bug in old versions of dashEric Wong
2006-05-24git-svn: ignore expansion of svn:keywordsEric Wong
2006-05-24git-svn: starting a 1.1.0-pre development versionEric Wong
2006-05-05git-svn 1.0.0Eric Wong
2006-05-05git-svn: documentation updatesEric Wong
2006-04-04contrib/git-svn: handle array values correctlyEric Wong
2006-04-04contrib/git-svn: make sure our git-svn is up-to-date for testEric Wong
2006-04-04contrib/git-svn: ensure repo-config returns a value before using itEric Wong
2006-04-02contrib/git-svn: documentation updatesEric Wong
2006-04-02contrib/git-svn: accept configuration via repo-configEric Wong
2006-03-30contrib/git-svn: force GIT_DIR to an absolute pathEric Wong
2006-03-26contrib/git-svn: stabilize memory usage for big fetchesEric Wong
2006-03-21contrib/git-svn: allow rebuild to work on non-linear remote headsEric Wong
2006-03-09contrib/git-svn: fix a harmless warning on rebuild (with old repos)Eric Wong