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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-11-21git-p4: Fix typo in --detect-labelsShun Kei Leung
2007-11-16git-p4: Fix direct import from perforce after fetching changes through git fr...Simon Hausmann
2007-11-02git-p4: Detect changes to executable bit and include them in p4 submit.Chris Pettitt
2007-11-02git-p4: Add a helper function to parse the full git diff-tree output.Chris Pettitt
2007-10-20git-p4 support for perforce renames.Chris Pettitt
2007-10-20git-p4: When skipping a patch as part of "git-p4 submit" make sure we correct...Simon Hausmann
2007-10-16Add 'git-p4 commit' as an alias for 'git-p4 submit'Marius Storm-Olsen
2007-09-24Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2007-09-22Detect exec bit in more cases.David Brown
2007-09-18contrib/fast-import: add perl version of simple exampleJeff King
2007-09-18contrib/fast-import: add simple shell exampleNguyen Thai Ngoc Duy
2007-09-03git-p4: Added support for automatically importing newly appearing perforce br...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Cleanup; moved the (duplicated) code for turning a branch into a git ...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code for the initial #head or revision import into...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Cleanup; Turn self.revision into a function local variable (it's not ...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code to import a list of p4 changes using fast-imp...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Cleanup; moved the code for getting a sorted list of p4 changes for a...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: After submission to p4 always synchronize from p4 again (into refs/re...Simon Hausmann
2007-09-03git-p4: Always call 'p4 sync ...' before submitting to Perforce.Simon Hausmann
2007-08-25git-p4: Fix warnings about non-existant refs/remotes/p4/HEAD ref when running...Simon Hausmann
2007-08-25git-p4: Make 'git-p4 branches' work after an initial clone with git clone fro...Simon Hausmann
2007-08-13git-p4: Fix the sorting of changelists when cloning a Perforce repository.Reece H. Dunn
2007-08-08git-p4: Fix git-p4 submit to include only changed files in the perforce submi...Simon Hausmann
2007-08-08git-p4: Fix support for symlinks.Simon Hausmann
2007-08-02Fix style nit in Python slicing.Han-Wen Nienhuys
2007-08-02Sort output of "p4 change" in incremental import before furtherHan-Wen Nienhuys
2007-07-25git-p4: Fix p4 user cache population on Windows.Simon Hausmann
2007-07-18git-p4: Cleanup, used common function for listing imported p4 branchesSimon Hausmann
2007-07-18git-p4: Fix upstream branch detection for submit/rebase with multiple branches.Simon Hausmann
2007-07-18git-p4: Cleanup, make listExistingP4Branches a global function for later use.Simon Hausmann
2007-07-17git-p4: input to "p4 files" by stdin instead of argumentsScott Lamb
2007-07-17git-p4: use subprocess in p4CmdListScott Lamb
2007-07-15Fix git-p4 on Windows to not use the Posix sysconf function.Marius Storm-Olsen
2007-06-22Import branch 'git-p4' of git:// O. Pearce
2007-06-21Make it possible to specify the HEAD for the internal findUpstreamBranchPoint...Simon Hausmann
2007-06-20Added git-p4 branches command that shows the mapping of perforce depot paths ...Simon Hausmann
2007-06-17Warn about conflicting p4 branch mappings and use the first one found.Simon Hausmann
2007-06-17Fix the branch mapping detection to be independent from the order of the "p4 ...Simon Hausmann
2007-06-16git-p4 fails when cloning a p4 depo.Benjamin Sergeant
2007-06-16Fix initial multi-branch import.Simon Hausmann
2007-06-12Only use double quotes on WindowsMarius Storm-Olsen
2007-06-12Fix git-p4 rebase to detect the correct upstream branch instead of unconditio...Simon Hausmann
2007-06-12Moved the code from git-p4 submit to figure out the upstream branch pointSimon Hausmann
2007-06-11git-p4 submit: Fix missing quotes around p4 commands to make them work with s...Simon Hausmann
2007-06-11Mention remotes/p4/master also in the documentation.Simon Hausmann
2007-06-11Provide some information for single branch imports where the commits goSimon Hausmann
2007-06-11git-p4: check for existence of repo dir before trying to createKevin Green
2007-06-11Write out the options tag in the log message of imports only if we actually haveSimon Hausmann
2007-06-11Fix support for explicit disabling of syncing with the originSimon Hausmann
2007-06-11Fix depot-paths encoding for multi-path imports (don't split up //depot/path/...Simon Hausmann