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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-09-10git-p4: Avoid modules deprecated in Python 2.6.Reilly Grant
2009-08-10git-p4: stream from perforce to speed up clonesLuke Diamand
2009-03-08git-p4: remove tabs from usermap filePete Wyckoff
2009-02-23git-p4: avoid syncing duplicate changesPete Wyckoff
2008-12-10git-p4: Fix regression in p4Where method.Tor Arvid Lund
2008-12-05git-p4: Fix bug in p4Where method.Tor Arvid Lund
2008-11-28Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2008-11-27git-p4: fix keyword-expansion regexPete Wyckoff
2008-11-11git-p4: Cache git config for performanceJohn Chapman
2008-11-11git-p4: Support purged files and optimize memory usageJohn Chapman
2008-08-29git-p4: Fix checkout bug when using --import-local.Tor Arvid Lund
2008-08-27Make it possible to abort the submission of a change to PerforceSimon Hausmann
2008-08-23git-p4: Fix one-liner in p4_write_pipe function.Tor Arvid Lund
2008-08-17Merge branch 'ak/p4'Junio C Hamano
2008-08-17git-p4: chdir now properly sets PWD environment variable in msysGitRobert Blum
2008-08-15Utilise our new p4_read_pipe and p4_write_pipe wrappersAnand Kumria
2008-08-15Add p4 read_pipe and write_pipe wrappersAnand Kumria
2008-08-12Consistently use 'git-p4' for the configuration entriesAnand Kumria
2008-08-12If the user has configured various parameters, use them.Anand Kumria
2008-08-12Switch to using 'p4_build_cmd'Anand Kumria
2008-08-12If we are in verbose mode, output what we are about to run (or return)Anand Kumria
2008-08-12Add a single command that will be used to construct the 'p4' commandAnand Kumria
2008-08-12Utilise the new 'p4_system' function.Anand Kumria
2008-08-12Have a command that specifically invokes 'p4' (via system)Anand Kumria
2008-08-12Utilise the new 'p4_read_pipe_lines' commandAnand Kumria
2008-08-12Create a specific version of the read_pipe_lines command for p4 invocationsAnand Kumria
2008-07-23In perforce, RCS keywords are case-sensitiveDaniel Barkalow
2008-06-26Add 'git-p4.allowSubmit' to git-p4Jing Xue
2008-03-28git-p4: Handle Windows EOLs properly after removal of p4 submit template hand...Marius Storm-Olsen
2008-03-13git-p4: Use P4EDITOR environment variable when setShawn Bohrer
2008-03-13git-p4: Unset P4DIFF environment variable when using 'p4 -du diff'Shawn Bohrer
2008-03-13git-p4: Optimize the fetching of data from perforce.Marius Storm-Olsen
2008-03-04git-p4: Fix import of changesets with file deletionsSimon Hausmann
2008-02-27git-p4: Support usage of perforce client specTor Arvid Lund
2008-02-27git-p4: git-p4 submit cleanups.Simon Hausmann
2008-02-27git-p4: Removed git-p4 submit --direct.Simon Hausmann
2008-02-27git-p4: Clean up git-p4 submit's log message handling.Simon Hausmann
2008-02-27git-p4: Remove --log-substitutions feature.Simon Hausmann
2008-02-27git-p4: support exclude pathsTommy Thorn
2008-02-07git-p4: Fix indentation from tab to spacesToby Allsopp
2008-02-03git-p4: Fix an obvious typoTommy Thorn
2008-02-03git-p4: Ensure the working directory and the index are clean before "git-p4 r...Simon Hausmann
2008-02-03git-p4: Fix submit user-interface.Simon Hausmann
2008-02-03Remove $Id: ..$ $Header: ..$ etc from +ko and +k files during importJason McMullan
2007-11-21git-p4: Fix typo in --detect-labelsShun Kei Leung
2007-11-16git-p4: Fix direct import from perforce after fetching changes through git fr...Simon Hausmann
2007-11-02git-p4: Detect changes to executable bit and include them in p4 submit.Chris Pettitt
2007-11-02git-p4: Add a helper function to parse the full git diff-tree output.Chris Pettitt
2007-10-20git-p4 support for perforce renames.Chris Pettitt
2007-10-20git-p4: When skipping a patch as part of "git-p4 submit" make sure we correct...Simon Hausmann