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2008-08-24Clean up the git-p4 documentationSimon Hausmann
2008-08-12Put in the two other configuration elements found in the sourceAnand Kumria
2008-08-12Put some documentation in about the parameters that have been addedAnand Kumria
2008-08-12Move git-p4.syncFromOrigin into a configuration parameters sectionAnand Kumria
2007-06-11Mention remotes/p4/master also in the documentation.Simon Hausmann
2007-05-25Make --with-origin the default for syncing.Simon Hausmann
2007-05-22Doc updatesSimon Hausmann
2007-05-17Added support for git-p4 sync/rebase --with-origin. See git-p4.txt for detail...Simon Hausmann
2007-05-17Changed the default p4 import branch to be refs/remotes/p4/{HEAD,master}Simon Hausmann
2007-05-07Document some implementation details, for the curious... :)Simon Hausmann
2007-05-01Doc cleanups.Simon Hausmann
2007-04-08Added a simple example of usage to the "documentation" :)Simon Hausmann
2007-04-08Added git-p4 clone convenience commandSimon Hausmann
2007-04-07Added git-p4 rebase convenienceSimon Hausmann
2007-03-29Fix the docs for git-p4 submit and turn git-p4 submit --master=foo intoSimon Hausmann
2007-03-23Make it possible to run git-p4 submit from within the git repositorySimon Hausmann
2007-03-22Brand new smart incremental import that doesn't need tags or git repo-config :)Simon Hausmann
2007-03-22Changed the default branch for imports from "master" to "p4"Simon Hausmann
2007-03-22Removed the .py extension from git-p4 as it's annoying to type every time.Simon Hausmann
2007-03-21Documentation enhancements.Simon Hausmann
2007-03-20Start of the git-p4 documentation.Simon Hausmann