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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-21diff-highlight: detect --graph by indentJeff King
2018-03-21diff-highlight: test graphs with --colorJeff King
2018-03-21diff-highlight: test interleaved parallel lines of historyJeff King
2018-03-21diff-highlight: prefer "echo" to "cat" in testsJeff King
2018-03-21diff-highlight: use test_tick in graph testJeff King
2018-03-21diff-highlight: correct test graph diagramJeff King
2016-08-31diff-highlight: avoid highlighting combined diffsJeff King
2016-08-31diff-highlight: add multi-byte testsJeff King
2016-08-31diff-highlight: ignore test cruftJeff King
2016-08-29diff-highlight: add support for --graph outputBrian Henderson
2016-08-29diff-highlight: add failing test for handling --graph outputBrian Henderson
2016-08-29diff-highlight: add some testsBrian Henderson