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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-27git-contacts: also recognise "Reported-by:"Eric Blake
2014-10-15contacts: add a Makefile to generate docs and installSebastian Schuberth
2014-02-18git-contacts: do not fail parsing of good diffsLars Gullik BjĂžnnes
2013-09-18contacts: fix to work in subdirectoriesEric Sunshine
2013-08-13contacts: reduce git-blame invocationsEric Sunshine
2013-08-13contacts: gather all blame sources prior to invoking git-blameEric Sunshine
2013-08-13contacts: validate hunk length earlierEric Sunshine
2013-07-21contrib: contacts: add documentationEric Sunshine
2013-07-21contrib: contacts: add mailmap supportEric Sunshine
2013-07-21contrib: contacts: interpret committish akin to format-patchEric Sunshine
2013-07-21contrib: contacts: add ability to parse from committishEric Sunshine
2013-07-21contrib: add git-contacts helperEric Sunshine