path: root/compat/mingw.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-06-23Windows: A pipe() replacement whose ends are not inherited to children.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: Wrap execve so that shell scripts can be invoked.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: Implement setitimer() and sigaction().Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: Fix PRIuMAX definition.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: Work around misbehaved rename().Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: always chmod(, 0666) before unlink().Johannes Schindelin
2008-06-23Windows: Implement a wrapper of the open() function.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-23Windows: Treat Windows style path names.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-22Windows: Use the Windows style PATH separator ';'.Johannes Sixt
2008-06-22Add target architecture MinGW.Johannes Sixt