path: root/compat/bswap.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-11compat/bswap.h: don't assume MSVC is little-endianDaniel Gurney
2020-11-09compat/bswap.h: simplify MSVC endianness detectionDaniel Gurney
2020-09-24bswap.h: drop unaligned loadsJeff King
2019-03-06compat/bswap: add include header guardsJeff King
2017-09-24bswap: add 64 bit endianness helper get_be64Ben Peart
2017-07-17bswap: convert get_be16, get_be32 and put_be32 to inline functionsRené Scharfe
2017-07-17bswap: convert to unsigned before shifting in get_be32René Scharfe
2016-01-04bswap: add NO_UNALIGNED_LOADS defineJeff King
2014-10-27compat/bswap.h: detect endianness from XL C compiler macrosDavid Michael
2014-05-30compat/bswap.h: fix endianness detectionBen Walton
2014-05-02compat/bswap.h: restore preference __BIG_ENDIAN over BIG_ENDIANJunio C Hamano
2014-05-02compat/bswap.h: detect endianness on more platforms that don't use BYTE_ORDERCharles Bailey
2014-01-23read-cache: use get_be32 instead of hand-rolled ntoh_lJeff King
2014-01-23block-sha1: factor out get_be and put_be wrappersJeff King
2013-11-18compat: add endianness helpersVicent Marti
2011-03-16compat: make gcc bswap an inline functionJonathan Nieder
2010-03-31Don't redefine htonl and ntohl on big-endianHolger Weiß
2009-11-25Explicitly truncate bswap operand to uint32_tBenjamin Kramer
2009-10-30Use faster byte swapping when compiling with MSVCSebastian Schuberth
2009-10-02Fix some printf format warningsRamsay Jones
2009-08-18make sure byte swapping is optimal for gitNicolas Pitre