path: root/builtin/repack.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-18Merge branch 'tb/repack-expire-to'Taylor Blau
2022-10-31Merge branch 'jk/repack-tempfile-cleanup'Taylor Blau
2022-10-28Merge branch 'tb/remove-unused-pack-bitmap'Junio C Hamano
2022-10-24builtin/repack.c: implement `--expire-to` for storing pruned objectsTaylor Blau
2022-10-24builtin/repack.c: write cruft packs to arbitrary locationsTaylor Blau
2022-10-24builtin/repack.c: pass "cruft_expiration" to `write_cruft_pack`Taylor Blau
2022-10-24builtin/repack.c: pass "out" to `prepare_pack_objects`Taylor Blau
2022-10-22repack: drop remove_temporary_files()Jeff King
2022-10-22repack: use tempfiles for signal cleanupJeff King
2022-10-22repack: expand error message for missing pack filesJeff King
2022-10-22repack: populate extension bits incrementallyJeff King
2022-10-22repack: convert "names" util bitfield to arrayJeff King
2022-10-18repack: don't remove .keep packs with `--pack-kept-objects`Taylor Blau
2022-10-18builtin/repack.c: remove redundant pack-based bitmapsTaylor Blau
2022-09-01git-compat-util.h: use "UNUSED", not "UNUSED(var)"Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2022-08-19refs: mark unused each_ref_fn parametersJeff King
2022-07-06cocci: generalize "unused" rule to cover more than "strbuf"Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2022-06-17i18n: fix mismatched camelCase config variablesJiang Xin
2022-06-03Merge branch 'tb/cruft-packs'Junio C Hamano
2022-05-26builtin/repack.c: add cruft packs to MIDX during geometric repackTaylor Blau
2022-05-26builtin/repack.c: use named flags for existing_packsTaylor Blau
2022-05-26builtin/repack.c: allow configuring cruft pack generationTaylor Blau
2022-05-26builtin/repack.c: support generating a cruft packTaylor Blau
2022-05-26pack-mtimes: support reading .mtimes filesTaylor Blau
2022-05-20builtin/repack.c: ensure that `names` is sortedTaylor Blau
2022-05-20repack: respect --keep-pack with geometric repackVictoria Dye
2022-03-14repack: add config to skip updating server infoPatrick Steinhardt
2022-03-14repack: refactor to avoid double-negation of update-server-infoPatrick Steinhardt
2022-01-10Merge branch 'ja/i18n-similar-messages'Junio C Hamano
2022-01-05Merge branch 'ds/repack-fixlets'Junio C Hamano
2022-01-05i18n: turn "options are incompatible" into "cannot be used together"Jean-Noël Avila
2021-12-20repack: make '--quiet' disable progressDerrick Stolee
2021-12-20repack: respect kept objects with '--write-midx -b'Derrick Stolee
2021-12-10Merge branch 'po/size-t-for-vs'Junio C Hamano
2021-12-01repack.c: LLP64 compatibility, upcast unity for left shiftPhilip Oakley
2021-10-28builtin/repack.c: avoid leaking child argumentsTaylor Blau
2021-10-18Merge branch 'tb/repack-write-midx'Junio C Hamano
2021-10-01builtin/repack.c: pass `--refs-snapshot` when writing bitmapsTaylor Blau
2021-09-29builtin/repack.c: make largest pack preferredTaylor Blau
2021-09-29builtin/repack.c: support writing a MIDX while repackingTaylor Blau
2021-09-29builtin/repack.c: extract showing progress to a variableTaylor Blau
2021-09-29builtin/repack.c: rename variables that deal with non-kept packsTaylor Blau
2021-09-29builtin/repack.c: keep track of existing packs unconditionallyTaylor Blau
2021-09-29midx: preliminary support for `--refs-snapshot`Taylor Blau
2021-09-27repack, prune: drop GIT_REF_PARANOIA settingsJeff King
2021-09-20Merge branch 'tb/pack-finalize-ordering'Junio C Hamano
2021-09-10builtin/repack.c: move `.idx` files into place lastTaylor Blau
2021-09-01midx: respect 'GIT_TEST_MULTI_PACK_INDEX_WRITE_BITMAP'Taylor Blau
2021-04-28repack: avoid loosening promisor objects in partial clonesRafael Silva
2021-04-08Merge branch 'tb/reverse-midx'Junio C Hamano