path: root/builtin/reflog.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-25struct name_entry: use struct object_id instead of unsigned char sha1[20]brian m. carlson
2016-02-22convert trivial cases to FLEX_ARRAY macrosJeff King
2016-02-19reflog_expire_cfg: NUL-terminate pattern fieldJeff King
2015-11-20Remove get_object_hash.brian m. carlson
2015-11-20Add several uses of get_object_hash.brian m. carlson
2015-10-30Merge branch 'rs/pop-commit'Junio C Hamano
2015-10-26use pop_commit() for consuming the first entry of a struct commit_listRené Scharfe
2015-09-01Merge branch 'ah/reflog-typofix-in-error'Junio C Hamano
2015-08-28reflog: add missing single quote to error messageAlex Henrie
2015-07-21git-reflog: add exists commandDavid Turner
2015-05-25builtin/reflog: rewrite ref functions to take an object_id argumentMichael Haggerty
2015-05-25each_ref_fn: change to take an object_id parameterMichael Haggerty
2015-03-05reflog: improve and update documentationMichael Haggerty
2014-12-22reflog_expire(): new function in the reference APIMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): treat the policy callback data as opaqueMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12Move newlog and last_kept_sha1 to "struct expire_reflog_cb"Michael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): move rewrite to flags argumentMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): move verbose to flags argumentMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): pass flags through to expire_reflog_ent()Michael Haggerty
2014-12-12struct expire_reflog_cb: a new callback data typeMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12Rename expire_reflog_cb to expire_reflog_policy_cbMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): move updateref to flags argumentMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): move dry_run to flags argumentMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): add a "flags" argumentMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): extract two policy-related functionsMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12Extract function should_expire_reflog_ent()Michael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): use a lock_file for rewriting the reflog fileMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): return early if the reference has no reflogMichael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): rename "ref" parameter to "refname"Michael Haggerty
2014-12-12expire_reflog(): it's not an each_ref_fn anymoreMichael Haggerty
2014-10-29Merge branch 'jk/prune-mtime'Junio C Hamano
2014-10-16prune: keep objects reachable from recent objectsJeff King
2014-10-01lockfile.h: extract new header file for the functions in lockfile.cMichael Haggerty
2014-10-01lockfile: change lock_file::filename into a strbufMichael Haggerty
2014-05-08refs.c: add new functions reflog_exists and delete_reflogRonnie Sahlberg
2014-02-20use wildmatch() directly without fnmatch() wrapperNguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2013-12-05replace {pre,suf}fixcmp() with {starts,ends}_with()Christian Couder
2013-09-20Merge branch 'bk/refs-multi-update'Junio C Hamano
2013-09-17Merge branch 'jk/free-tree-buffer'Junio C Hamano
2013-08-30refs: report ref type from lock_any_ref_for_updateBrad King
2013-06-06clear parsed flag when we free tree buffersJeff King
2013-05-29Merge branch 'jc/prune-all'Junio C Hamano
2013-04-17date.c: add parse_expiry_date()Junio C Hamano
2013-03-25Merge branch 'jc/maint-reflog-expire-clean-mark-typofix'Junio C Hamano
2013-03-05reflog: fix typo in "reflog expire" clean-up codepathJunio C Hamano
2013-01-23reflog: use parse_config_key in config callbackJeff King
2012-06-07reflog: remove i18n legos in pruning messageNguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2011-11-08prune: show progress while marking reachable objectsNguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2011-08-01reflog: actually default to subcommand 'show'Michael Schubert
2010-05-21Merge branch 'jc/maint-no-reflog-expire-unreach-for-head'Junio C Hamano