path: root/bisect.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-12builtin-rev-list.c: mark file-local function staticJunio C Hamano
2009-06-06bisect: add parameters to "filter_skipped"Christian Couder
2009-05-10bisect: make "git bisect" use new "--next-all" bisect-helper functionChristian Couder
2009-05-10rev-list: remove stringed output flag from "show_bisect_vars"Christian Couder
2009-05-10bisect--helper: remove "--next-vars" option as it is now uselessChristian Couder
2009-05-10bisect--helper: add "--next-exit" to output bisect resultsChristian Couder
2009-05-10rev-list: refactor printing bisect varsChristian Couder
2009-05-10rev-list: make "estimate_bisect_steps" non staticChristian Couder
2009-04-08rev-list: add "int bisect_show_flags" in "struct rev_list_info"Christian Couder
2009-04-08rev-list: remove last static vars used in "show_commit"Christian Couder
2009-04-05bisect--helper: string output variables together with "&&"Christian Couder
2009-04-05rev-list: pass "int flags" as last argument of "show_bisect_vars"Christian Couder
2009-04-05bisect--helper: implement "git bisect--helper"Christian Couder
2009-04-05rev-list: call new "filter_skip" functionChristian Couder
2009-03-30rev-list: pass "revs" to "show_bisect_vars"Christian Couder
2009-03-30rev-list: make "show_bisect_vars" non staticChristian Couder
2009-03-30rev-list: move bisect related code into its own fileChristian Couder