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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-09apply: remove prefix_length member from apply_stateRené Scharfe
2016-09-07apply: learn to use a different index fileChristian Couder
2016-09-07apply: refactor `git apply` option parsingChristian Couder
2016-09-07apply: change error_routine when silentChristian Couder
2016-09-07apply: make it possible to silently applyChristian Couder
2016-09-07apply: make some parsing functions static againChristian Couder
2016-09-07apply: move libified code from builtin/apply.c to apply.{c,h}Christian Couder
2016-09-07apply: rename and move opt constants to apply.hChristian Couder
2016-08-11builtin/apply: move check_apply_state() to apply.cChristian Couder
2016-08-11apply: make init_apply_state() return -1 instead of exit()ingChristian Couder
2016-08-11builtin/apply: move init_apply_state() to apply.cChristian Couder
2016-08-11apply: move 'struct apply_state' to apply.hChristian Couder