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2005-05-23git-apply: improve error detection and messagesLinus Torvalds
In particular, give line numbers when detecting corrupt patches. This makes the tool a lot more friendly (indeed, much more so than regular "patch", I think).
2005-05-23git-apply: bad patch fragments are fatalLinus Torvalds
Don't just stop at them and look for the next header. Die, die, die!
2005-05-23Start implementing "git-apply"Linus Torvalds
This applies git patches (and old-style unified diffs) in the index, rather than doing it in the working directory. That allows for a lot more flexibility, and means that if a patch fails, we aren't going to mess up the working directory. NOTE! This is just the first cut at it, and right now it only parses the incoming patch, it doesn't actually apply it yet.