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2023-01-13revisions.txt: be explicit about commands writing 'ORIG_HEAD'Philippe Blain
2022-10-01revisions.txt: unspecify order of resolved parts of ^!René Scharfe
2022-07-27Merge branch 'tk/rev-parse-doc-clarify-at-u' into maintJunio C Hamano
2022-06-23rev-parse: documentation adjustment - mention remote tracking with @{u}Tao Klerks
2022-06-22revisions.txt: escape "..." to avoid asciidoc horizontal ellipsisJeff King
2021-05-18revisions(7): clarify that most commands take a single revision rangeJunio C Hamano
2020-07-09revisions.txt: describe 'rev1 rev2 ...' meaning for rangesPhilippe Blain
2020-04-21docs: fix minor glitch in illustrationMichael F. Schönitzer
2019-07-09Merge branch 'nd/switch-and-restore'Junio C Hamano
2019-05-13Merge branch 'dl/rev-tilde-doc-clarify'Junio C Hamano
2019-05-07revisions.txt: remove ambibuity between <rev>:<path> and :<path>Andreas Heiduk
2019-05-07revisions.txt: mention <rev>~ formDenton Liu
2019-05-07revisions.txt: mark optional rev arguments with []Denton Liu
2019-05-07revisions.txt: change "rev" to "<rev>"Denton Liu
2019-04-02doc: promote "git switch"Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2019-03-13doc: format pathnames and URLs as monospace.Corentin BOMPARD
2018-07-24Merge branch 'wc/find-commit-with-pattern-on-detached-head'Junio C Hamano
2018-07-12sha1-name.c: for ":/", find detached HEAD commitsWilliam Chargin
2018-05-23Merge branch 'bc/asciidoctor-tab-width'Junio C Hamano
2018-05-07Documentation: render revisions correctly under Asciidoctorbrian m. carlson
2018-05-06doc: add note about shell quoting to revision.txtAndreas Heiduk
2017-12-04Documentation: revisions: fix typo: "three dot" ---> "three-dot" (in line wit...Ann T Ropea
2017-04-20Merge branch 'vn/revision-shorthand-for-side-branch-log'Junio C Hamano
2017-04-17doc/revisions: remove brackets from rev^-n shorthandKyle Meyer
2017-03-27rev-parse: match @{upstream}, @{u} and @{push} case-insensitivelyÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2016-09-27revision: new rev^-n shorthand for rev^n..revVegard Nossum
2016-09-19Merge branch 'po/range-doc' into maintJunio C Hamano
2016-08-14doc: revisions: sort examples and fix alignment of the unchangedPhilip Oakley
2016-08-14doc: revisions: show revision expansion in examplesPhilip Oakley
2016-08-14doc: revisions - clarify reachability examplesPhilip Oakley
2016-08-14doc: revisions - define `reachable`Philip Oakley
2016-08-14doc: revisions: single vs multi-parent notation comparisonPhilip Oakley
2016-08-14doc: revisions: extra clarification of <rev>^! notation effectsPhilip Oakley
2016-08-12doc: revisions: give headings for the two and three dot notationsPhilip Oakley
2016-07-20doc: revisions - name the left and right sidesPhilip Oakley
2016-06-28doc: typeset HEAD and variants as literalMatthieu Moy
2016-06-28doc: typeset long command-line options as literalMatthieu Moy
2016-02-10Merge branch 'wp/sha1-name-negative-match'Junio C Hamano
2016-02-01object name: introduce '^{/!-<negative pattern>}' notationWill Palmer
2016-01-21Documentation: remove unnecessary backslashesMatthew Kraai
2015-05-22sha1_name: implement @{push} shorthandJeff King
2014-05-13Documentation: mention config sources for @{upstream}W. Trevor King
2014-01-21Documentation: @{-N} can refer to a commitThomas Rast
2013-09-20Merge branch 'fc/at-head'Junio C Hamano
2013-09-20Merge branch 'rh/peeling-tag-to-tag'Junio C Hamano
2013-09-12Add new @ shortcut for HEADFelipe Contreras
2013-09-04revisions.txt: fix and clarify <rev>^{<type>}Richard Hansen
2013-09-03peel_onion(): add support for <rev>^{tag}Richard Hansen
2013-08-14Revert "Add new @ shortcut for HEAD"Junio C Hamano
2013-05-08Add new @ shortcut for HEADFelipe Contreras