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2021-11-09doc: use only hyphens as word separators in placeholdersJean-Noël Avila
2021-02-10mailmap: only look for .mailmap in work treeJeff King
2021-01-12mailmap doc: create a new "gitmailmap(5)" man pageÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2020-09-27shortlog: allow multiple groups to be specifiedJeff King
2020-09-27shortlog: parse trailer identsJeff King
2020-09-27shortlog: de-duplicate trailer valuesJeff King
2020-09-27shortlog: match commit trailers with --groupJeff King
2020-09-27shortlog: add grouping optionJeff King
2019-11-10git-shortlog.txt: include commit limiting optionsPratyush Yadav
2018-04-18git-[short]log.txt: unify quoted standalone --Martin Ågren
2018-04-18doc: convert [\--] to [--]Martin Ågren
2018-03-13git-shortlog.txt: reorder usagesMartin Ågren
2016-12-16shortlog: test and document --committer optionJeff King
2013-04-22git-shortlog.txt: make SYNOPSIS match log, update OPTIONSRamkumar Ramachandra
2013-04-21git-shortlog.txt: remove (-h|--help) from OPTIONSRamkumar Ramachandra
2013-01-12Merge branch 'jk/shortlog-no-wrap-doc'Junio C Hamano
2013-01-09git-shortlog(1): document behaviour of zero-width wrapJohn Keeping
2012-09-14Documentation: describe subject more preciselyJeremy White
2012-04-26docs: stop using asciidoc no-inline-literalJeff King
2011-03-11doc: drop author/documentation sections from most pagesJeff King
2010-10-08Remove stray quotes in --pretty and --format documentationŠtěpán Němec
2010-05-04shortlog: Document and test --format optionJonathan Nieder
2010-05-04Documentation/shortlog: scripted users should not rely on implicit HEADJonathan Nieder
2010-01-10Documentation: emphasise 'git shortlog' in its synopsisThomas Rast
2010-01-10Documentation: spell 'git cmd' without dash throughoutThomas Rast
2009-02-08Move mailmap documentation into separate fileMarius Storm-Olsen
2009-02-08Add map_user() and clear_mailmap() to mailmapMarius Storm-Olsen
2009-02-08Add mailmap.file as configurational option for mailmap locationMarius Storm-Olsen
2009-01-31git-shortlog.txt: fix example about .mailmapMichele Ballabio
2008-12-27git-shortlog.txt: improve documentation about .mailmap filesAdeodato Simó
2008-07-05manpages: italicize git command names (which were in teletype font)Jonathan Nieder
2008-07-05Documentation: more "git-" versus "git " changesJonathan Nieder
2008-07-02Documentation formatting and cleanupJonathan Nieder
2008-07-02Documentation: be consistent about "git-" versus "git "Jonathan Nieder
2008-06-08Docs: Use "-l::\n--long\n" format in OPTIONS sectionsStephan Beyer
2008-06-06documentation: move git(7) to git(1)Christian Couder
2008-04-12Document -w option to shortlogJunio C Hamano
2008-01-07Documentation: rename gitlink macro to linkgitDan McGee
2007-12-23shortlog manpage documentation: work around asciidoc markup issuesGustaf Hendeby
2007-12-11shortlog: document -e optionJeff King
2007-06-07War on whitespaceJunio C Hamano
2007-04-28git shortlog documentation: add long options and fix a typoMichele Ballabio
2007-04-18git-shortlog: Fix two formatting errors in asciidoc documentationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-01-17Documentation: a few spelling fixesRené Scharfe
2006-11-20Build in shortlogJohannes Schindelin
2006-10-12Documentation: add missing second colons and remove a typoRene Scharfe
2006-10-10add commit count options to git-shortlogv1.4.3-rc2Nicolas Pitre
2006-06-07Misc doc improvementsJonas Fonseca
2006-03-09Remove trailing dot after short descriptionFredrik Kuivinen
2006-03-06git/Documentation: fix SYNOPSIS style bugsDmitry V. Levin