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2007-08-25Documentation: For consistency, use CVS instead of cvs.Brian Hetro
2007-06-16cvsserver: Actually implement --export-allFrank Lichtenheld
2007-06-08cvsserver: Add some useful commandline optionsFrank Lichtenheld
2007-05-29cvsserver: Fix some typos in asciidoc documentationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-05-29cvsserver: Note that CVS_SERVER can also be specified as method variableFrank Lichtenheld
2007-05-29cvsserver: Correct inetd.conf example in asciidoc documentationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-04-18Merge branch 'fl/cvsserver'Junio C Hamano
2007-04-12cvsserver: Document the GIT branches -> CVS modules mapping more prominentlyFrank Lichtenheld
2007-04-12cvsserver: Reword documentation on necessity of write accessFrank Lichtenheld
2007-04-08cvsserver: Add asciidoc documentation for new database backend configurationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-04-08cvsserver: small corrections to asciidoc documentationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-03-31cvsserver: Don't lie about binary mode in asciidoc documentationFrank Lichtenheld
2007-03-22cvsserver: Allow to override the configuration per access methodFrank Lichtenheld
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2006-03-05cvsserver: updated documentationMartin Langhoff
2006-03-01cvsserver: add notes on how to get a checkout under EclipseMartin Langhoff
2006-02-22Introducing git-cvsserver -- a CVS emulator for git.Martin Langhoff