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2023-01-13docs: link generating patch sectionsJohn Cai
2021-04-28doc: point to diff attribute in patch format docsPeter Oliver
2020-12-21doc/diff-generate-patch: mention new --diff-merges optionSergey Organov
2020-09-01git.txt: correct stale 'GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF' descriptionPhilippe Blain
2019-09-17diff, log doc: small grammer, format, and language fixesJohannes Sixt
2019-09-17diff, log doc: say "patch text" instead of "patches"Johannes Sixt
2019-02-08log,diff-tree: add --combined-all-paths optionElijah Newren
2017-03-02Documentation: improve description for core.quotePathAndreas Heiduk
2016-06-28doc: typeset long command-line options as literalMatthieu Moy
2016-06-28doc: typeset short command-line options as literalMatthieu Moy
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2014-03-31Documentation: fix misuses of "nor"Justin Lebar
2012-04-26docs: stop using asciidoc no-inline-literalJeff King
2011-03-08diff format documentation: clarify --cc and -cAdam Monsen
2010-10-19Clarify and extend the "git diff" format documentationAndreas Gruenbacher
2010-02-12git log -p -m: document -m and honor --first-parentPetr Baudis
2008-12-20Documentation: fix typos, grammar, asciidoc syntaxMarkus Heidelberg
2008-07-22git-diff(1): "--c" -> "--cc" typo fixJonathan Nieder
2007-12-05Include diff options in the git-log manpageMiklos Vajna