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2019-01-29Merge branch 'jt/fetch-pack-v2'Junio C Hamano
"git fetch-pack" now can talk the version 2 protocol. * jt/fetch-pack-v2: fetch-pack: support protocol version 2
2019-01-29Merge branch 'jk/proto-v2-hidden-refs-fix'Junio C Hamano
The v2 upload-pack protocol implementation failed to honor hidden-ref configuration, which has been corrected. An earlier attempt reverted out of 'next'. * jk/proto-v2-hidden-refs-fix: upload-pack: support hidden refs with protocol v2
2019-01-29Merge branch 'jk/save-getenv-result'Junio C Hamano
There were many places the code relied on the string returned from getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that have been corrected. * jk/save-getenv-result: builtin_diff(): read $GIT_DIFF_OPTS closer to use merge-recursive: copy $GITHEAD strings init: make a copy of $GIT_DIR string config: make a copy of $GIT_CONFIG string commit: copy saved getenv() result get_super_prefix(): copy getenv() result
2019-01-29Merge branch 'pw/diff-color-moved-ws-fix'Junio C Hamano
"git diff --color-moved-ws" updates. * pw/diff-color-moved-ws-fix: diff --color-moved-ws: handle blank lines diff --color-moved-ws: modify allow-indentation-change diff --color-moved-ws: optimize allow-indentation-change diff --color-moved=zebra: be stricter with color alternation diff --color-moved-ws: fix false positives diff --color-moved-ws: demonstrate false positives diff: allow --no-color-moved-ws Use "whitespace" consistently diff: document --no-color-moved
2019-01-29Merge branch 'ja/doc-build-l10n'Junio C Hamano
Prepare Documentation/Makefile so that manpage localization can reuse it by overriding and tweaking the list of build products. * ja/doc-build-l10n: Documentation/Makefile add optional targets for l10n
2019-01-29Merge branch 'js/rebase-i-redo-exec'Junio C Hamano
"git rebase -i" learned to re-execute a command given with 'exec' to run after it failed the last time. * js/rebase-i-redo-exec: rebase: introduce a shortcut for --reschedule-failed-exec rebase: add a config option to default to --reschedule-failed-exec rebase: introduce --reschedule-failed-exec
2019-01-29Merge branch 'cc/fetch-error-message-fix'Junio C Hamano
Error message fix. * cc/fetch-error-message-fix: fetch: fix extensions.partialclone name in error message
2019-01-29Merge branch 'cc/partial-clone-doc-typofix'Junio C Hamano
Doc fix. * cc/partial-clone-doc-typofix: partial-clone: add missing 'is' in doc
2019-01-29Merge branch 'kg/external-diff-save-env'Junio C Hamano
The code to drive GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF command relied on the string returned from getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that has been corrected. * kg/external-diff-save-env: diff: ensure correct lifetime of external_diff_cmd
2019-01-18Third batch after 2.20Junio C Hamano
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-01-18Merge branch 'js/gc-repack-close-before-remove'Junio C Hamano
"git gc" and "git repack" did not close the open packfiles that they found unneeded before removing them, which didn't work on a platform incapable of removing an open file. This has been corrected. * js/gc-repack-close-before-remove: gc/repack: release packs when needed
2019-01-18Merge branch 'en/show-ref-doc-fix'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * en/show-ref-doc-fix: git-show-ref.txt: fix order of flags
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ot/ref-filter-object-info'Junio C Hamano
The "--format=<placeholder>" option of for-each-ref, branch and tag learned to show a few more traits of objects that can be learned by the object_info API. * ot/ref-filter-object-info: ref-filter: give uintmax_t to format with %PRIuMAX ref-filter: add docs for new options ref-filter: add tests for deltabase ref-filter: add deltabase option ref-filter: add tests for objectsize:disk ref-filter: add check for negative file size ref-filter: add objectsize:disk option
2019-01-18Merge branch 'sg/stress-test'Junio C Hamano
Flaky tests can now be repeatedly run under load with the "--stress" option. * sg/stress-test: test-lib: add the '--stress' option to run a test repeatedly under load test-lib-functions: introduce the 'test_set_port' helper function test-lib: set $TRASH_DIRECTORY earlier test-lib: consolidate naming of test-results paths test-lib: parse command line options earlier test-lib: parse options in a for loop to keep $@ intact test-lib: extract Bash version check for '-x' tracing test-lib: translate SIGTERM and SIGHUP to an exit
2019-01-18Merge branch 'rs/sha1-file-close-mapped-file-on-error'Junio C Hamano
Code clean-up. * rs/sha1-file-close-mapped-file-on-error: sha1-file: close fd of empty file in map_sha1_file_1()
2019-01-18Merge branch 'rs/loose-object-cache-perffix'Junio C Hamano
The loose object cache used to optimize existence look-up has been updated. * rs/loose-object-cache-perffix: object-store: retire odb_load_loose_cache() object-store: use one oid_array per subdirectory for loose cache object-store: factor out odb_clear_loose_cache() object-store: factor out odb_loose_cache()
2019-01-18Merge branch 'po/git-p4-wo-login'Junio C Hamano
"git p4" update. * po/git-p4-wo-login: git-p4: fix problem when p4 login is not necessary
2019-01-18Merge branch 'mm/multimail-1.5'Junio C Hamano
Update "git multimail" from the upstream. * mm/multimail-1.5: git-multimail: update to release 1.5.0
2019-01-18Merge branch 'tg/t5570-drop-racy-test'Junio C Hamano
An inherently racy test that caused intermittent failures has been removed. * tg/t5570-drop-racy-test: Revert "t/lib-git-daemon: record daemon log" t5570: drop racy test
2019-01-18Merge branch 'jk/dev-build-format-security'Junio C Hamano
Earlier we added "-Wformat-security" to developer builds, assuming that "-Wall" (which includes "-Wformat" which in turn is required to use "-Wformat-security") is always in effect. This is not true when config.mak.autogen is in use, unfortunately. This has been fixed by unconditionally adding "-Wall" to developer builds. * jk/dev-build-format-security: add -Wall, primarily for -Wformat, to help autoconf users
2019-01-18Merge branch 'so/cherry-pick-always-allow-m1'Junio C Hamano
"git cherry-pick -m1" was forbidden when picking a non-merge commit, even though there _is_ parent number 1 for such a commit. This was done to avoid mistakes back when "cherry-pick" was about picking a single commit, but is no longer useful with "cherry-pick" that can pick a range of commits. Now the "-m$num" option is allowed when picking any commit, as long as $num names an existing parent of the commit. Technically this is a backward incompatible change; hopefully nobody is relying on the error-checking behaviour. * so/cherry-pick-always-allow-m1: t3506: validate '-m 1 -ff' is now accepted for non-merge commits t3502: validate '-m 1' argument is now accepted for non-merge commits cherry-pick: do not error on non-merge commits when '-m 1' is specified t3510: stop using '-m 1' to force failure mid-sequence of cherry-picks
2019-01-18Merge branch 'nd/worktree-remove-with-uninitialized-submodules'Junio C Hamano
"git worktree remove" and "git worktree move" refused to work when there is a submodule involved. This has been loosened to ignore uninitialized submodules. * nd/worktree-remove-with-uninitialized-submodules: worktree: allow to (re)move worktrees with uninitialized submodules
2019-01-18Merge branch 'sg/test-bash-version-fix'Junio C Hamano
The test suite tried to see if it is run under bash, but the check itself failed under some other implementations of shell (notably under NetBSD). This has been corrected. * sg/test-bash-version-fix: test-lib: check Bash version for '-x' without using shell arrays
2019-01-18Merge branch 'rb/hpe'Junio C Hamano
Portability updates for the HPE NonStop platform. * rb/hpe: compat/regex/regcomp.c: define intptr_t and uintptr_t on NonStop git-compat-util.h: add FLOSS headers for HPE NonStop config.mak.uname: support for modern HPE NonStop config. transport-helper: drop read/write errno checks transport-helper: use xread instead of read
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ed/simplify-setup-git-dir'Junio C Hamano
Code simplification. * ed/simplify-setup-git-dir: Simplify handling of setup_git_directory_gently() failure cases.
2019-01-18Merge branch 'cy/zsh-completion-SP-in-path'Junio C Hamano
With zsh, "git cmd path<TAB>" was completed to "git cmd path name" when the completed path has a special character like SP in it, without any attempt to keep "path name" a single filename. This has been fixed to complete it to "git cmd path\ name" just like Bash completion does. * cy/zsh-completion-SP-in-path: completion: treat results of git ls-tree as file paths zsh: complete unquoted paths with spaces correctly
2019-01-18Merge branch 'cy/completion-typofix'Junio C Hamano
Typofix. * cy/completion-typofix: completion: fix typo in git-completion.bash
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ew/ban-strncat'Junio C Hamano
The "strncat()" function is now among the banned functions. * ew/ban-strncat: banned.h: mark strncat() as banned
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ds/commit-graph-assert-missing-parents'Junio C Hamano
Tightening error checking in commit-graph writer. * ds/commit-graph-assert-missing-parents: commit-graph: writing missing parents is a BUG
2019-01-18Merge branch 'es/doc-worktree-guessremote-config'Junio C Hamano
Doc clarification. * es/doc-worktree-guessremote-config: doc/config: do a better job of introducing 'worktree.guessRemote'
2019-01-18Merge branch 'sb/submodule-unset-core-worktree-when-worktree-is-lost'Junio C Hamano
The core.worktree setting in a submodule repository should not be pointing at a directory when the submodule loses its working tree (e.g. getting deinit'ed), but the code did not properly maintain this invariant. * sb/submodule-unset-core-worktree-when-worktree-is-lost: submodule deinit: unset core.worktree submodule--helper: fix BUG message in ensure_core_worktree submodule: unset core.worktree if no working tree is present submodule update: add regression test with old style setups
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ma/asciidoctor'Junio C Hamano
Some of the documentation pages formatted incorrectly with Asciidoctor, which have been fixed. * ma/asciidoctor: git-status.txt: render tables correctly under Asciidoctor Documentation: do not nest open blocks git-column.txt: fix section header
2019-01-18Merge branch 'jn/stripspace-wo-repository'Junio C Hamano
"git stripspace" should be usable outside a git repository, but under the "-s" or "-c" mode, it didn't. * jn/stripspace-wo-repository: stripspace: allow -s/-c outside git repository
2019-01-18Merge branch 'sb/submodule-fetchjobs-default-to-one'Junio C Hamano
"git submodule update" ought to use a single job unless asked, but by mistake used multiple jobs, which has been fixed. * sb/submodule-fetchjobs-default-to-one: submodule update: run at most one fetch job unless otherwise set
2019-01-18Merge branch 'la/quiltimport-keep-non-patch'Junio C Hamano
"git quiltimport" learned "--keep-non-patch" option. * la/quiltimport-keep-non-patch: git-quiltimport: add --keep-non-patch option
2019-01-18Merge branch 'nd/style-opening-brace'Junio C Hamano
Code clean-up. * nd/style-opening-brace: style: the opening '{' of a function is in a separate line
2019-01-18Merge branch 'ds/gc-doc-typofix'Junio C Hamano
Typofix. * ds/gc-doc-typofix: git-gc.txt: fix typo about gc.writeCommitGraph
2019-01-14Second batch after 2.20Junio C Hamano
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-01-14Merge branch 'do/gitweb-strict-export-conf-doc'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * do/gitweb-strict-export-conf-doc: docs: fix $strict_export text in gitweb.conf.txt
2019-01-14Merge branch 'nd/indentation-fix'Junio C Hamano
Code cleanup. * nd/indentation-fix: Indent code with TABs
2019-01-14Merge branch 'en/directory-renames-nothanks-doc-update'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * en/directory-renames-nothanks-doc-update: git-rebase.txt: update note about directory rename detection and am
2019-01-14Merge branch 'bw/mailmap'Junio C Hamano
* bw/mailmap: mailmap: update brandon williams's email address
2019-01-14Merge branch 'fd/gitweb-snapshot-conf-doc-fix'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * fd/gitweb-snapshot-conf-doc-fix: docs/gitweb.conf: config variable typo
2019-01-14Merge branch 'tb/use-common-win32-pathfuncs-on-cygwin'Junio C Hamano
Cygwin update. * tb/use-common-win32-pathfuncs-on-cygwin: git clone <url> C:\cygwin\home\USER\repo' is working (again)
2019-01-14Merge branch 'km/rebase-doc-typofix'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * km/rebase-doc-typofix: rebase docs: drop stray word in merge command description
2019-01-14Merge branch 'md/exclude-promisor-objects-fix-cleanup'Junio C Hamano
Code clean-up. * md/exclude-promisor-objects-fix-cleanup: revision.c: put promisor option in specialized struct
2019-01-14Merge branch 'tb/log-G-binary'Junio C Hamano
"git log -G<regex>" looked for a hunk in the "git log -p" patch output that contained a string that matches the given pattern. Optimize this code to ignore binary files, which by default will not show any hunk that would match any pattern (unless textconv or the --text option is in effect, that is). * tb/log-G-binary: log -G: ignore binary files
2019-01-14Merge branch 'sb/diff-color-moved-config-option-fixup'Junio C Hamano
Minor inconsistency fix. * sb/diff-color-moved-config-option-fixup: diff: align move detection error handling with other options
2019-01-14Merge branch 'hn/highlight-sideband-keywords'Junio C Hamano
Lines that begin with a certain keyword that come over the wire, as well as lines that consist only of one of these keywords, ought to be painted in color for easier eyeballing, but the latter was broken ever since the feature was introduced in 2.19, which has been corrected. * hn/highlight-sideband-keywords: sideband: color lines with keyword only
2019-01-14Merge branch 'cb/test-lint-cp-a'Junio C Hamano
BSD port update. * cb/test-lint-cp-a: tests: add lint for non portable cp -a