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2019-04-16trace2: use system/global config for default trace2 settingsJeff Hostetler
Teach git to read the system and global config files for default Trace2 settings. This allows system-wide Trace2 settings to be installed and inherited to make it easier to manage a collection of systems. The original GIT_TR2* environment variables are loaded afterwards and can be used to override the system settings. Only the system and global config files are used. Repo and worktree local config files are ignored. Likewise, the "-c" command line arguments are also ignored. These limits are for performance reasons. (1) For users not using Trace2, there should be minimal overhead to detect that Trace2 is not enabled. In particular, Trace2 should not allocate lots of otherwise unused data strucutres. (2) For accurate performance measurements, Trace2 should be initialized as early in the git process as possible, and before most of the normal git process initialization (which involves discovering the .git directory and reading a hierarchy of config files). Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-04-16config: add read_very_early_config()Jeff Hostetler
Created an even lighter version of read_early_config() that only looks at system and global config settings. It omits repo-local, worktree-local, and command-line settings. Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-04-16trace2: find exec-dir before trace2 initializationJeff Hostetler
Teach Git to resolve the executable directory before initializing Trace2. This allows the system configuration directory to be discovered earlier (because it is sometimes relative to the prefix or runtime-prefix). This will be used by the next commit to allow trace2 settings to be loaded from the system config. Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-04-16trace2: add absolute elapsed time to start eventJeff Hostetler
Add elapsed process time to "start" event to measure the performance of early process startup. Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-04-16trace2: refactor setting process starting timeJeff Hostetler
Create trace2_initialize_clock() and call from main() to capture process start time in isolation and before other sub-systems are ready. Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-04-16config: initialize opts structure in repo_read_config()Jeff Hostetler
Initialize opts structure in repo_read_config(). This change fixes a crash in later commit after a new field is added to the structure. In commit 3b256228a66f8587661481ef3e08259864f3ba2a, repo_read_config() was added. It only initializes 3 fields in the opts structure. It is passed to config_with_options() and then to do_git_config_sequence(). However, do_git_config_sequence() drops the opts on the floor and calls git_config_from_file() rather than git_config_from_file_with_options(), so that may be why this hasn't been a problem in the past. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-20The third batchJunio C Hamano
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-20Merge branch 'br/commit-tree-parseopt'Junio C Hamano
The command line parser of "git commit-tree" has been rewritten to use the parse-options API. * br/commit-tree-parseopt: commit-tree: utilize parse-options api
2019-03-20Merge branch 'jk/config-type-color-ends-with-lf'Junio C Hamano
"git config --type=color ..." is meant to replace "git config --get-color" but there is a slight difference that wasn't documented, which is now fixed. * jk/config-type-color-ends-with-lf: config: document --type=color output is a complete line
2019-03-20Merge branch 'ma/clear-repository-format'Junio C Hamano
The setup code has been cleaned up to avoid leaks around the repository_format structure. * ma/clear-repository-format: setup: fix memory leaks with `struct repository_format` setup: free old value before setting `work_tree`
2019-03-20Merge branch 'jk/virtual-objects-do-exist'Junio C Hamano
A recent update broke "is this object available to us?" check for well-known objects like an empty tree (which should yield "yes", even when there is no on-disk object for an empty tree), which has been corrected. * jk/virtual-objects-do-exist: rev-list: allow cached objects in existence check
2019-03-20Merge branch 'jk/no-sigpipe-during-network-transport'Junio C Hamano
On platforms where "git fetch" is killed with SIGPIPE (e.g. OSX), the upload-pack that runs on the other end that hangs up after detecting an error could cause "git fetch" to die with a signal, which led to a flakey test. "git fetch" now ignores SIGPIPE during the network portion of its operation (this is not a problem as we check the return status from our write(2)s). * jk/no-sigpipe-during-network-transport: fetch: ignore SIGPIPE during network operation fetch: avoid calling write_or_die()
2019-03-20Merge branch 'jk/fsck-doc'Junio C Hamano
"git fsck --connectivity-only" omits computation necessary to sift the objects that are not reachable from any of the refs into unreachable and dangling. This is now enabled when dangling objects are requested (which is done by default, but can be overridden with the "--no-dangling" option). * jk/fsck-doc: fsck: always compute USED flags for unreachable objects doc/fsck: clarify --connectivity-only behavior
2019-03-20Merge branch 'js/stress-test-ui-tweak'Junio C Hamano
Dev support. * js/stress-test-ui-tweak: tests: introduce --stress-jobs=<N> tests: let --stress-limit=<N> imply --stress
2019-03-20Merge branch 'js/rebase-orig-head-fix'Junio C Hamano
"git rebase" that was reimplemented in C did not set ORIG_HEAD correctly, which has been corrected. * js/rebase-orig-head-fix: built-in rebase: set ORIG_HEAD just once, before the rebase built-in rebase: demonstrate that ORIG_HEAD is not set correctly built-in rebase: use the correct reflog when switching branches built-in rebase: no need to check out `onto` twice
2019-03-20Merge branch 'jk/bisect-final-output'Junio C Hamano
The final report from "git bisect" used to show the suspected culprit using a raw "diff-tree", with which there is no output for a merge commit. This has been updated to use a more modern and human readable output that still is concise enough. * jk/bisect-final-output: bisect: make diff-tree output prettier bisect: fix internal diff-tree config loading bisect: use string arguments to feed internal diff-tree
2019-03-20Merge branch 'ab/makefile-help-devs-more'Junio C Hamano
CFLAGS now can be tweaked when invoking Make while using DEVELOPER=YesPlease; this did not work well before. * ab/makefile-help-devs-more: Makefile: allow for combining DEVELOPER=1 and CFLAGS="..." Makefile: move the setting of *FLAGS closer to "include" Makefile: Move *_LIBS assignment into its own section Makefile: add/remove comments at top and tweak whitespace Makefile: move "strip" assignment down from flags Makefile: remove an out-of-date comment
2019-03-18Merge git:// C Hamano
* git:// gitk: Update Bulgarian translation (317t)
2019-03-14gitk: Update Bulgarian translation (317t)Alexander Shopov
Signed-off-by: Alexander Shopov <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2019-03-11The second batchJunio C Hamano
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-11Sync with maintJunio C Hamano
* maint: mingw: allow building with an MSYS2 runtime v3.x
2019-03-11Merge branch 'js/rebase-recreate-merge'Junio C Hamano
Docfix. * js/rebase-recreate-merge: rebase docs: fix "gitlink" typo
2019-03-11Merge branch 'js/untravis-windows'Junio C Hamano
Dev support. * js/untravis-windows: travis: remove the hack to build the Windows job on Azure Pipelines
2019-03-11Merge branch 'rd/gc-prune-doc-fix'Junio C Hamano
Doxfix. * rd/gc-prune-doc-fix: docs/git-gc: fix typo "--prune=all" to "--prune=now"
2019-03-11Merge branch 'js/find-lib-h-with-ls-files-when-possible'Junio C Hamano
The Makefile uses 'find' utility to enumerate all the *.h header files, which is expensive on platforms with slow filesystems; it now optionally uses "ls-files" if working within a repository, which is a trick similar to how all sources are enumerated to run ETAGS on. * js/find-lib-h-with-ls-files-when-possible: Makefile: use `git ls-files` to list header files, if possible
2019-03-11Merge branch 'rj/hdr-check-gcrypt-fix'Junio C Hamano
The set of header files used by "make hdr-check" unconditionally included sha256/gcrypt.h, even when it is not used, causing the make target to fail. We now skip it when GCRYPT_SHA256 is not in use. * rj/hdr-check-gcrypt-fix: Makefile: fix 'hdr-check' when GCRYPT not installed
2019-03-11Merge branch 'jk/guard-bswap-header'Junio C Hamano
The include file compat/bswap.h has been updated so that it is safe to (accidentally) include it more than once. * jk/guard-bswap-header: compat/bswap: add include header guards
2019-03-11Merge branch 'rd/attr.c-comment-typofix'Junio C Hamano
In-code comment typofix. * rd/attr.c-comment-typofix: attr.c: ".gitattribute" -> ".gitattributes" (comments)
2019-03-11Merge branch 'yb/utf-16le-bom-spellfix'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * yb/utf-16le-bom-spellfix: gitattributes.txt: fix typo
2019-03-11mingw: allow building with an MSYS2 runtime v3.xJohannes Schindelin
Recently the Git for Windows project started the upgrade process to a MSYS2 runtime version based on Cygwin v3.x. This has the very notable consequence that `$(uname -r)` no longer reports a version starting with "2", but a version with "3". That breaks our build, as df5218b4c30b (config.mak.uname: support MSys2, 2016-01-13) simply did not expect the version reported by `uname -r` to depend on the underlying Cygwin version: it expected the reported version to match the "2" in "MSYS2". So let's invert that test case to test for *anything else* than a version starting with "1" (for MSys). That should safeguard us for the future, even if Cygwin ends up releasing versionsl like 314.272.65536. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-08mingw: drop MakeMaker referenceJohannes Schindelin
In 20d2a30f8ffe (Makefile: replace perl/Makefile.PL with simple make rules, 2017-12-10), Git stopped using MakeMaker. Therefore, that definition in the MINGW-specific section became useless. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-08commit-tree: utilize parse-options apiBrandon Richardson
Rather than parse options manually, which is both difficult to read and error prone, parse options supplied to commit-tree using the parse-options api. It was discovered that the --no-gpg-sign option was documented but not implemented in commit 70ddbd7767 (commit-tree: add missing --gpg-sign flag, 2019-01-19), and the existing implementation would attempt to translate the option as a tree oid. It was also suggested earlier in commit 55ca3f99ae (commit-tree: add and document --no-gpg-sign, 2013-12-13) that commit-tree should be migrated to utilize the parse-options api, which could help prevent mistakes like this in the future. Hence this change. Also update the documentation to better describe that mixing `-m` and `-F` options will correctly compose commit log messages in the order in which the options are given. In the process, mark various strings for translation. Signed-off-by: Brandon Richardson <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-07config: document --type=color output is a complete lineJeff King
Even though the newer "--type=color" option to "git config" is meant to be upward compatible with the traditional "--get-color" option, unlike the latter, its output is not an incomplete line that lack the LF at the end. That makes it consistent with output of other types like "git config --type=bool". Document it, as it sometimes surprises unsuspecting users. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-07Start 2.22 cycleJunio C Hamano
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jt/http-auth-proto-v2-fix'Junio C Hamano
Unify RPC code for smart http in protocol v0/v1 and v2, which fixes a bug in the latter (lack of authentication retry) and generally improves the code base. * jt/http-auth-proto-v2-fix: remote-curl: use post_rpc() for protocol v2 also remote-curl: refactor reading into rpc_state's buf remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.result remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.stdin_preamble remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.argv
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jk/diff-no-index-initialize'Junio C Hamano
"git diff --no-index" may still want to access Git goodies like --ext-diff and --textconv, but so far these have been ignored, which has been corrected. * jk/diff-no-index-initialize: diff: reuse diff setup for --no-index case
2019-03-07Merge branch 'nd/no-more-check-racy'Junio C Hamano
Unused code removal. * nd/no-more-check-racy: Delete check-racy.c
2019-03-07Merge branch 'rd/doc-hook-used-in-sample'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * rd/doc-hook-used-in-sample: mention use of "hooks.allownonascii" in "man githooks"
2019-03-07Merge branch 'nd/diff-parseopt-2'Junio C Hamano
Second batch to teach the diff machinery to use the parse-options API. * nd/diff-parseopt-2: (21 commits) diff-parseopt: convert --ignore-some-changes diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]minimal diff-parseopt: convert --relative diff-parseopt: convert --no-renames|--[no--rename-empty diff-parseopt: convert --find-copies-harder diff-parseopt: convert -C|--find-copies diff-parseopt: convert -D|--irreversible-delete diff-parseopt: convert -M|--find-renames diff-parseopt: convert -B|--break-rewrites diff-parseopt: convert --output-* diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]compact-summary diff-parseopt: convert --stat* diff-parseopt: convert -s|--no-patch diff-parseopt: convert --name-status diff-parseopt: convert --name-only diff-parseopt: convert --patch-with-stat diff-parseopt: convert --summary diff-parseopt: convert --check diff-parseopt: convert --dirstat and friends diff-parseopt: convert --numstat and --shortstat ...
2019-03-07Merge branch 'en/merge-options-doc'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * en/merge-options-doc: merge-options.txt: correct wording of --no-commit option
2019-03-07Merge branch 'nd/completion-more-parameters'Junio C Hamano
The command line completion (in contrib/) has been taught to complete more subcommand parameters. * nd/completion-more-parameters: completion: add more parameter value completion
2019-03-07Merge branch 'ab/receive-pack-use-after-free-fix'Junio C Hamano
Memfix. * ab/receive-pack-use-after-free-fix: receive-pack: fix use-after-free bug
2019-03-07Merge branch 'dl/doc-submodule-wo-subcommand'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * dl/doc-submodule-wo-subcommand: submodule: document default behavior
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jk/unused-params'Junio C Hamano
Code clean-up. * jk/unused-params: ref-filter: drop unused "sz" parameters ref-filter: drop unused "obj" parameters ref-filter: drop unused buf/sz pairs files-backend: drop refs parameter from split_symref_update() pack-objects: drop unused parameter from oe_map_new_pack() merge-recursive: drop several unused parameters diff: drop complete_rewrite parameter from run_external_diff() diff: drop unused emit data parameter from sane_truncate_line() diff: drop unused color reset parameters diff: drop options parameter from diffcore_fix_diff_index()
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jk/prune-optim'Junio C Hamano
"git prune" has been taught to take advantage of reachability bitmap when able. * jk/prune-optim: t5304: rename "sha1" variables to "oid" prune: check SEEN flag for reachability prune: use bitmaps for reachability traversal prune: lazily perform reachability traversal
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jh/trace2'Junio C Hamano
A more structured way to obtain execution trace has been added. * jh/trace2: trace2: add for_each macros to clang-format trace2: t/helper/test-trace2,,, trace2:data: add subverb for rebase trace2:data: add subverb to reset command trace2:data: add subverb to checkout command trace2:data: pack-objects: add trace2 regions trace2:data: add trace2 instrumentation to index read/write trace2:data: add trace2 hook classification trace2:data: add trace2 transport child classification trace2:data: add trace2 sub-process classification trace2:data: add editor/pager child classification trace2:data: add trace2 regions to wt-status trace2: collect Windows-specific process information trace2: create new combined trace facility trace2: Documentation/technical/api-trace2.txt
2019-03-07Merge branch 'js/doc-symref-in-proto-v1'Junio C Hamano
Doc update. * js/doc-symref-in-proto-v1: protocol-capabilities.txt: document symref
2019-03-07Merge branch 'nd/split-index-null-base-fix'Junio C Hamano
Split-index fix. * nd/split-index-null-base-fix: read-cache.c: fix writing "link" index ext with null base oid
2019-03-07Merge branch 'rj/prune-packed-excess-args'Junio C Hamano
"git prune-packed" did not notice and complain against excess arguments given from the command line, which now it does. * rj/prune-packed-excess-args: prune-packed: check for too many arguments
2019-03-07Merge branch 'jc/test-yes-doc'Junio C Hamano
Test doc update. * jc/test-yes-doc: test: caution on our version of 'yes'