AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-18git-gui: set version 0.20gitgui-0.20.0Pat Thoyts
2015-04-18git-gui: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (547t0f0u)Peter Krefting
2015-04-18git-gui i18n: Updated Bulgarian translation (547t,0f,0u)Alexander Shopov
2015-03-07git-gui: Makes chooser set 'gitdir' to the resolved pathRemi Rampin
2015-03-07git-gui: Fixes chooser not accepting gitfilesRemi Rampin
2015-01-13git-gui: reinstate support for Tcl 8.4Kyle J. McKay
2015-01-05git-gui: fix problem with gui.maxfilesdisplayedCsaba Kiraly
2014-11-07git-gui: fix verbose loading when git path contains spaces.Pat Thoyts
2014-11-06git-gui/gitk: Do not depend on Cygwin's "kill" command on WindowsSebastian Schuberth
2014-10-06git-gui: add configurable tab size to the diff viewMichael Lutz
2014-08-10git-gui: Make git-gui lib dir configurable at runimeDavid Turner
2014-08-10git-gui i18n: Updated Bulgarian translation (520t,0f,0u)Alexander Shopov
2014-06-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'vnwildman/master'Pat Thoyts
2014-06-28L10n: vi.po (543t): Init translation for VietnameseTrần Ngọc Quân
2014-06-13git-gui: align the new recursive checkbox with the radiobuttons.Pat Thoyts
2014-06-13git-gui: Add a 'recursive' checkbox in the clone menu.Henri GEIST
2014-06-13git-gui: tolerate major version changes when comparing the git versionJens Lehmann
2014-06-13git-gui: show staged submodules regardless of ignore configJens Lehmann
2014-01-18git-gui 0.19gitgui-0.19.0Pat Thoyts
2014-01-18git-gui: chmod +x po2msg, windows/git-gui.shJonathan Nieder
2014-01-18git-gui: fallback right pane to packed widgets with Tk 8.4Max Kirillov
2014-01-18git-gui i18n: Added Bulgarian translationAlexander Shopov
2014-01-18git-gui l10n: Add 29 more terms to glossaryAlexander Shopov
2014-01-18git-gui i18n: Initial glossary in BulgarianAlexander Shopov
2013-11-15git-gui: correct spelling errors in commentsMasanari Iida
2013-09-12git-gui: add menu item to launch a bash shell on Windows.Pat Thoyts
2013-09-06git-gui: corrected setup of git worktree under cygwin.John Murphy
2013-08-27git-gui: right half window is panedMax Kirillov
2013-08-27git-gui: Add gui.displayuntracked optionMax Kirillov
2013-08-27git-gui: show the maxrecentrepo config option in the preferences dialogPat Thoyts
2013-08-27git-gui: added gui.maxrecentrepo to extend the number of remembered reposPat Thoyts
2013-08-27git-gui: Improve font rendering on retina macbooksMads Dørup
2013-06-15git-gui 0.18gitgui-0.18.0Pat Thoyts
2013-06-15git-gui: avoid an error message when removing the last remotePat Thoyts
2013-06-07git-gui: fix file name handling with non-empty prefixJohn Keeping
2013-06-07git-gui: bring wish process to front on MacStefan Haller
2013-05-17git-gui: change dialog button positions for Windows to suit platform.Pat Thoyts
2013-05-16git-gui: allow "\ No newline at end of file" for linewise stagingHeiko Voigt
2013-02-22git-gui: fix the mergetool launcher for the Beyond Compare tool.Pat Thoyts
2012-12-25Makefile: replace "echo 1>..." with "echo >..."Christian Couder
2012-11-28French translation: copy -> copie.Grahack
2012-11-13git-gui: Fix parsing of <rev> <path-which-not-present-in-worktree>Kirill Smelkov
2012-10-17git-gui 0.17gitgui-0.17.0Pat Thoyts
2012-10-17git-gui: Don't prepend the prefix if value looks like a full pathAndrew Wong
2012-10-17git-gui: Detect full path when parsing argumentsAndrew Wong
2012-09-17git-gui: remove .git/CHERRY_PICK_HEAD after committingBeat Bolli
2012-09-17git-gui: Fix a loose/lose mistakeBeat Bolli
2012-09-17git-gui: Fix semi-working shortcuts for unstage and revertVitaly _Vi Shukela
2012-06-19Merge branch 'rt/trans'Pat Thoyts
2012-06-19git-gui: de.po: translate "remote" as "extern"Ralf Thielow