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-string_pool API
-The string_pool API provides facilities for replacing strings
-with integer keys that can be more easily compared and stored.
-The facilities are designed so that one could teach Git without
-too much trouble to store the information needed for these keys to
-remain valid over multiple executions.
- Include a string in the string pool and get its key.
- If that string is already in the pool, retrieves its
- existing key.
- Retrieve the string associated to a given key.
- Extract the key of the next token from a string.
- Interface mimics strtok_r.
- Print a sequence of strings named by key to a file, using the
- specified delimiter to separate them.
- If NULL (key ~0) appears in the sequence, the sequence ends
- early.
- Split a string into tokens, storing the keys of segments
- into a caller-provided array.
- Unless sz is 0, the array will always be ~0-terminated.
- If there is not enough room for all the tokens, the
- array holds as many tokens as fit in the entries before
- the terminating ~0. Return value is the index after the
- last token, or sz if the tokens did not fit.
- Deallocate storage for the string pool.