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diff --git a/transport-internal.h b/transport-internal.h
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--- a/transport-internal.h
+++ b/transport-internal.h
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
struct ref;
struct transport;
+struct argv_array;
struct transport_vtable {
@@ -17,11 +18,19 @@ struct transport_vtable {
* the transport to try to share connections, for_push is a
* hint as to whether the ultimate operation is a push or a fetch.
+ * If communicating using protocol v2 a list of prefixes can be
+ * provided to be sent to the server to enable it to limit the ref
+ * advertisement. Since ref filtering is done on the server's end, and
+ * only when using protocol v2, this list will be ignored when not
+ * using protocol v2 meaning this function can return refs which don't
+ * match the provided ref_prefixes.
+ *
* If the transport is able to determine the remote hash for
* the ref without a huge amount of effort, it should store it
* in the ref's old_sha1 field; otherwise it should be all 0.
- struct ref *(*get_refs_list)(struct transport *transport, int for_push);
+ struct ref *(*get_refs_list)(struct transport *transport, int for_push,
+ const struct argv_array *ref_prefixes);
* Fetch the objects for the given refs. Note that this gets