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+ title={{Ultimate instability of exponential back-off protocol for acknowledgment-based transmission control of random access communication channels}},<RESET>
+ author={Aldous, <RED>D.<RESET><GREEN>David<RESET>},
+ journal={Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on},<RESET>
+ volume={<RED>33<RESET><GREEN>Bogus.<RESET>},
+ number={<RED>2<RESET><GREEN>4<RESET>},
+ pages={219--223},<RESET>
+ year=<GREEN>1987,<RESET>
+<GREEN> note={This is in fact a rather funny read since ethernet works well in practice. The<RESET> {<RED>1987<RESET><GREEN>\em pre} reference is the right one, however.<RESET>}<RED>,<RESET>