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diff --git a/t/ b/t/
index c0143a0..93605f4 100755
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -19,6 +19,14 @@ relative_path() {
"test \"\$(test-path-utils relative_path '$1' '$2')\" = '$expected'"
+test_git_path() {
+ test_expect_success "git-path $1 $2 => $3" "
+ $1 git rev-parse --git-path $2 >actual &&
+ echo $3 >expect &&
+ test_cmp expect actual
+ "
# On Windows, we are using MSYS's bash, which mangles the paths.
# Absolute paths are anchored at the MSYS installation directory,
# which means that the path / accounts for this many characters:
@@ -244,4 +252,32 @@ relative_path "<null>" "<empty>" ./
relative_path "<null>" "<null>" ./
relative_path "<null>" /foo/a/b ./
+test_git_path A=B info/grafts .git/info/grafts
+test_git_path GIT_GRAFT_FILE=foo info/grafts foo
+test_git_path GIT_GRAFT_FILE=foo info/////grafts foo
+test_git_path GIT_INDEX_FILE=foo index foo
+test_git_path GIT_INDEX_FILE=foo index/foo .git/index/foo
+test_git_path GIT_INDEX_FILE=foo index2 .git/index2
+test_expect_success 'setup fake objects directory foo' 'mkdir foo'
+test_git_path GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY=foo objects foo
+test_git_path GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY=foo objects/foo foo/foo
+test_git_path GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY=foo objects2 .git/objects2
+test_expect_success 'setup common repository' 'git --git-dir=bar init'
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar index .git/index
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar HEAD .git/HEAD
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar logs/HEAD .git/logs/HEAD
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar objects bar/objects
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar objects/bar bar/objects/bar
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar info/exclude bar/info/exclude
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar info/grafts bar/info/grafts
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar info/sparse-checkout .git/info/sparse-checkout
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar remotes/bar bar/remotes/bar
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar branches/bar bar/branches/bar
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar logs/refs/heads/master bar/logs/refs/heads/master
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar refs/heads/master bar/refs/heads/master
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar hooks/me bar/hooks/me
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar config bar/config
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar packed-refs bar/packed-refs
+test_git_path GIT_COMMON_DIR=bar shallow bar/shallow