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+This directory contains various per-hash values that are used in the testsuite.
+Each file contains lines containing a key-value pair; blank lines and lines
+starting with `#` are ignored. The key and value are separated by whitespace
+(specifically, those whitespace in the default `$IFS`). The key consists only
+of shell identifier characters, and the value consists of a hash algorithm,
+colon, and value. The hash algorithm also consists only of shell identifier
+characters; it should match the value in sha1-file.c.
+For example, the following lines map the key "rawsz" to "20" if SHA-1 is in use
+and to "32" if SHA-256 is in use:
+rawsz sha1:20
+rawsz sha256:32
+The keys and values used here are loaded by `test_oid_init` (see the README file
+in the "t" directory) and are used by calling `test_oid`.