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As the names depend on the tests' file names, it is safe to
run the tests with this option in parallel.
+ By default tests are run without dashed forms of
+ commands (like git-commit) in the PATH (it only uses
+ wrappers from ../bin-wrappers). Use this option to include
+ the build directory (..) in the PATH, which contains all
+ the dashed forms of commands. This option is currently
+ implied by other options like --valgrind and
+You can also set the GIT_TEST_INSTALLED environment variable to
+the bindir of an existing git installation to test that installation.
+You still need to have built this git sandbox, from which various
+test-* support programs, templates, and perl libraries are used.
+If your installed git is incomplete, it will silently test parts of
+your built version instead.
+When using GIT_TEST_INSTALLED, you can also set GIT_TEST_EXEC_PATH to
+override the location of the dashed-form subcommands (what
+GIT_EXEC_PATH would be used for during normal operation).
+GIT_TEST_EXEC_PATH defaults to `$GIT_TEST_INSTALLED/git --exec-path`.
Skipping Tests