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diff --git a/repository.h b/repository.h
index 9f16c42..0e482b7 100644
--- a/repository.h
+++ b/repository.h
@@ -116,9 +116,17 @@ void repo_set_worktree(struct repository *repo, const char *path);
void repo_set_hash_algo(struct repository *repo, int algo);
void initialize_the_repository(void);
int repo_init(struct repository *r, const char *gitdir, const char *worktree);
-int repo_submodule_init(struct repository *submodule,
+ * Initialize the repository 'subrepo' as the submodule given by the
+ * struct submodule 'sub' in parent repository 'superproject'.
+ * Return 0 upon success and a non-zero value upon failure, which may happen
+ * if the submodule is not found, or 'sub' is NULL.
+ */
+struct submodule;
+int repo_submodule_init(struct repository *subrepo,
struct repository *superproject,
- const char *path);
+ const struct submodule *sub);
void repo_clear(struct repository *repo);