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diff --git a/remote.h b/remote.h
index 312b7ca..4a039ba 100644
--- a/remote.h
+++ b/remote.h
@@ -79,9 +79,9 @@ extern const struct refspec *tag_refspec;
struct ref {
struct ref *next;
- unsigned char old_sha1[20];
- unsigned char new_sha1[20];
- unsigned char old_sha1_expect[20]; /* used by expect-old */
+ struct object_id old_oid;
+ struct object_id new_oid;
+ struct object_id old_oid_expect; /* used by expect-old */
char *symref;
unsigned int
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ extern struct ref **get_remote_heads(int in, char *src_buf, size_t src_len,
struct sha1_array *shallow);
int resolve_remote_symref(struct ref *ref, struct ref *list);
-int ref_newer(const unsigned char *new_sha1, const unsigned char *old_sha1);
+int ref_newer(const struct object_id *new_oid, const struct object_id *old_oid);
* Remove and free all but the first of any entries in the input list