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diff --git a/packfile.h b/packfile.h
index ec08cb2..a7abd60 100644
--- a/packfile.h
+++ b/packfile.h
@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@ extern void prepare_packed_git(void);
extern void reprepare_packed_git(void);
extern void install_packed_git(struct packed_git *pack);
+struct packed_git *get_packed_git(struct repository *r);
+struct list_head *get_packed_git_mru(struct repository *r);
* Give a rough count of objects in the repository. This sacrifices accuracy
* for speed.
@@ -63,7 +66,7 @@ extern void close_pack_index(struct packed_git *);
extern unsigned char *use_pack(struct packed_git *, struct pack_window **, off_t, unsigned long *);
extern void close_pack_windows(struct packed_git *);
-extern void close_all_packs(void);
+extern void close_all_packs(struct raw_object_store *o);
extern void unuse_pack(struct pack_window **);
extern void clear_delta_base_cache(void);
extern struct packed_git *add_packed_git(const char *path, size_t path_len, int local);