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diff --git a/midx.h b/midx.h
index 3545e32..11ff094 100644
--- a/midx.h
+++ b/midx.h
@@ -62,14 +62,18 @@ int fill_midx_entry(struct repository *r, const struct object_id *oid, struct pa
int midx_contains_pack(struct multi_pack_index *m, const char *idx_or_pack_name);
int prepare_multi_pack_index_one(struct repository *r, const char *object_dir, int local);
-int write_midx_file(const char *object_dir, const char *preferred_pack_name, unsigned flags);
* Variant of write_midx_file which writes a MIDX containing only the packs
* specified in packs_to_include.
+int write_midx_file(const char *object_dir,
+ const char *preferred_pack_name,
+ const char *refs_snapshot,
+ unsigned flags);
int write_midx_file_only(const char *object_dir,
struct string_list *packs_to_include,
const char *preferred_pack_name,
+ const char *refs_snapshot,
unsigned flags);
void clear_midx_file(struct repository *r);
int verify_midx_file(struct repository *r, const char *object_dir, unsigned flags);