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USAGE='[--onto <newbase>] <upstream> [<branch>]'
-LONG_USAGE='git-rebase applies to <upstream> (or optionally to <newbase>) commits
-from <branch> that do not appear in <upstream>. When <branch> is not
-specified it defaults to the current branch (HEAD).
-When git-rebase is complete, <branch> will be updated to point to the
-newly created line of commit objects, so the previous line will not be
-accessible unless there are other references to it already.
-Assuming the following history:
- A---B---C topic
- /
- D---E---F---G master
-The result of the following command:
- git-rebase --onto master~1 master topic
- would be:
- A'\''--B'\''--C'\'' topic
- /
- D---E---F---G master
+LONG_USAGE='git-rebase replaces <branch> with a new branch of the
+same name. When the --onto option is provided the new branch starts
+out with a HEAD equal to <newbase>, otherwise it is equal to <upstream>
+It then attempts to create a new commit for each commit from the original
+<branch> that does not exist in the <upstream> branch.
+It is possible that a merge failure will prevent this process from being
+completely automatic. You will have to resolve any such merge failure
+and run git-rebase --continue. If you can not resolve the merge failure,
+running git-rebase --abort will restore the original <branch> and remove
+the working files found in the .dotest directory.
+Note that if <branch> is not specified on the command line, the
+currently checked out branch is used. You must be in the top
+directory of your project to start (or continue) a rebase.
+Example: git-rebase master~1 topic
+ A---B---C topic A'\''--B'\''--C'\'' topic
+ / --> /
+ D---E---F---G master D---E---F---G master
. git-sh-setup
unset newbase
while case "$#" in 0) break ;; esac
case "$1" in
+ --continue)
+ diff=$(git-diff-files)
+ case "$diff" in
+ ?*) echo "You must edit all merge conflicts and then"
+ echo "mark them as resolved using git update-index"
+ exit 1
+ ;;
+ esac
+ git am --resolved --3way
+ exit
+ ;;
+ --abort)
+ [ -d .dotest ] || die "No rebase in progress?"
+ git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD
+ rm -r .dotest
+ exit
+ ;;
test 2 -le "$#" || usage