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diff --git a/dir.h b/dir.h
index 11a047b..d2545a7 100644
--- a/dir.h
+++ b/dir.h
@@ -359,7 +359,17 @@ struct untracked_cache *read_untracked_extension(const void *data, unsigned long
void write_untracked_extension(struct strbuf *out, struct untracked_cache *untracked);
void add_untracked_cache(struct index_state *istate);
void remove_untracked_cache(struct index_state *istate);
-extern void connect_work_tree_and_git_dir(const char *work_tree, const char *git_dir);
+ * Connect a worktree to a git directory by creating (or overwriting) a
+ * '.git' file containing the location of the git directory. In the git
+ * directory set the core.worktree setting to indicate where the worktree is.
+ * When `recurse_into_nested` is set, recurse into any nested submodules,
+ * connecting them as well.
+ */
+extern void connect_work_tree_and_git_dir(const char *work_tree,
+ const char *git_dir,
+ int recurse_into_nested);
extern void relocate_gitdir(const char *path,
const char *old_git_dir,
const char *new_git_dir);